Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow
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The Spiral Dance Beltane is the start of the Celtic summer, the light season of the year. Like Samhain, it's a time when the veils between the worlds is thin and we can communicate with those who have passed, particularly nature spirits at this time. In Irish-Gaelic Beltaine is the name of the month of May. In Scottish-Gaelic, Bealtuinn means May Day. The word originally meant 'Bel Fire' and Beltane is associated with the Celtic God Bel, also called Balor or Belenus. Bel is a God of light and fire and has been equated with the Greek God Apollo. He has also been associated with the Sun, although he is not specifically a Sun God.
Fires were traditionally built at Beltane and people jumped over them to strengthen wishes and hopes for relationships and to strengthen bonds. Cattle were driven through the ashes of two Beltane Fires to ensure a good milk yield.
Beltane marks the growth of the God into manhood and his bonding to the Goddess, and represents fertility for the earth. It is the traditional time for handfastings. The Hawthorn tree blossoms in May, and May is known as the Hawthorn month. Celebrate Beltane by celebrating life and enjoying the gifts of the Goddess.

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Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow