Direction - East

Gender - Male

Energy - Projective, pro-active

Qualities - hot and moist, light and active

Colour - yellow

Power of the Sphinx - to know

Season - Spring

Hour of day - dawn

Time of life - birth/infancy/childhood

Celtic name - airt

Magickal tool - wand; incense

Point on the Pentagram - Upper left

Types of magick - Recovering lost or stolen items, the four winds, visualization, concentration, education, travel, investigations, beginnings, feather magick

Animals - eagle, human

Alchemical symbol - Right side up triangle with a line through the middle

Elemental - Sylphs

Nature - sky, wind, clouds, flowers

Reflections in humanity - the superconscious, knowledge, instruction, school, freedom, travel

Parts of the body - chest, lungs (breath), throat (speech), the brain

Human senses - hear, smell

Goddess Aspect - Maiden

Keys - Life Principle, Intellect

Rules - mind, essential qualities, knowledge, abstract learning, theories, illumination, perception, analytic thought, communication, memory.

Virtues - gregarious, diligent, optimistic, dexterity, persuasive, friendly, healthy, knowledgeable, communicative, intelligent

Vices - frivolity, absent mindedness, rootless, easily distracted, tends to intellectualize emotions (rather than experience them), gossipy, boastful, untruthful, selfish, fickle

Shortage - mind blank, shortness of breath, non-comprehension of known data, muddy thinking; one who has difficulty transmitting thoughts and ideas

Excess - chatterbox, one who tends to intellectualize too much

Stage in the cycle of creation - the conception or perception of a new idea, the seed of knowledge, and the freedom to choose which direction to move.

Emotions - daydreaming; intense concentration on a difficult problem; an abstract appreciation of mathematical elegance, artistic skill, or superior craftsmanship; a sense of distance and detachment.


Cardinal Sign representing the birth of the Element.
Fire of Air symbolised by Wind.
Swift onset. Noted balance, as in the trade winds

Fixed Sign representing the Element's Life.
Air of Air represented by Clouds.
Steady conveyor of water.

Mutable Sign reprenting the Element's passing to Spirit.
Water of Air represented by the Vibrations.
Bulk unmoved, spiritualized reflection of the mind.

Astrological Rulers
Mercury, Jupiter.

The Fool, The Magician, The Lovers, Justice, The Star.
Minor Arcana of Wands.

Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow