Direction - north

Gender - female

Energy - receptive, reactive

Qualities - cold and dry, heavy and passive

Colours - brown, black, green

Magickal phrase - to keep silent

Season - winter

Hour of day - midnight

Time of life - old age/death

Celtic name - tuath

Magickal tools - pentacle, crystals, stones

Point of pentagram - Lower left

Types of magick - fertility, tree magick, herbs, prosperity, runes, knot magick, growth, nature, animals, all matters relating to money, thankfulness

Animals - bull, sphinx, bear

Alchemical symbol - upside down triangle with a line through the middle

Elemental spirit - gnomes

Nature - mountains, caves, gems, fields, rocks, forests

Parts of body - bones, sex organs, legs

Human senses - touch

Goddess Aspect - Crone

Keys - Law Principle, Solidity

Reflection in humanity - the physical body

Virtues - strength, endurance, commitment, responsibility, thoroughness, practicality, wisdom, patience, sense of timing, reliable, stability, perseverance

Vices - dullness, lack of conscience, melancholy, boredom, inertia, stagnation, hoarding of resources (including information), greed, materialism

Excess - body heaviness, general lack of energy, inertia, materialism, narrow-mindedness

Shortage - spaciness, hyper-activity, instability, unreliability, careless

Stage in the cycle of creation - the idea manifests in material form, building a solid foundation for the next idea.

Emotions - sense of security, confidence in your own strength, ability to ignore minor sources of irritation, desire to just sit down and do nothing.


Cardinal Sign representing the birth of the Element.
Fire of Earth symbolised by Mountains.
Violent pressure, due to gravitation..

Fixed Sign representing the Element's Life.
Air of Earth represented by the Plains.
Steady bearing of life.

Mutable Sign reprenting the Element's passing to Spirit.
Water of Earth represented by Fields.

Astrological Rulers
Venus, Saturn.

The Empress, The Hierophant, The Hermit, The Devil, The World.
Minor Arcana of Pentacles.

Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow