Direction - south

Gender - male

Energy - projective, pro-active

Qualities - hot and dry, light and active

Colours - red, orange

Magickal phrase - to will

Point of pentagram - Lower right

Season - summer

Hour of day - Noon

Time of life - young adulthood

Celtic name - deas

Magickal tools - some say wand, some say athame; lamp, scourge

Type of magick - sex, healing, candle magick, force, energy, life, will, destruction, purification, change

Animals - lion, serpent, dragon

Alchemical symbol - right side up triangle

Elemental spirit - salamanders

Nature - fire, sun, stars, volcanoes

Part of body - heart, spine

Human senses - sight

Keys - Light Principle, Action

Reflections in humanity - the life forces, sexual energy, will, Passion

Virtues - courageous, self-assertive, chivalrous, enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, virile, energetic, daring, faithful

Vices - self-centered, ruthless, fanaticism, vindictiveness, anger, hatred, stubborn, greed, jealous, vengeful, resentful, egotistical

Excess - hot, hyper, flitting thoughts, insomnia, anger, dominating, egotistic, violent

Shortage - body heavy or chilled, unenthusiastic, feeling inferior or apathetic, lack of energy

Goddess Aspect - Temptress

Stage in the cycle of creation - the desire or Will to manifest the idea, the driving life force, the principle of change and transformation.

Emotions - intense and urgent, but usually passing quickly: desire, anger, joy, panic. Without Fire to prod the other elements along, the world would likely settle into a rather uninteresting fixed state.


Cardinal Sign representing the birth of the Element.
Fire of Fire symbolised by Lightning.
Swift and violent onset.

Fixed Sign representing the Element's Life life.
Air of Fire represented by the Sun.
Steady flow of life.

Mutable Sign reprenting the Element's passing to Spirit.
Water of Fire represented by the Rainbow.
Fading spiritualized reflection of the image.

Astrological Rulers
Mars, Sun, Jupiter.

The Emperor. The Wheel of Fortune. Strength. Temperance. The Tower. The Sun. Judgement.
Minor Arcana of Swords.

Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow