Direction - west

Gender - female

Energy - receptive, passive

Qualities - cold and moist, heavy and passive

Colour - blue

Magickal phrase - to dare

Season - autumn

Hour of day - dusk

Time of life - Parenthood/middle age

Celtic name - iar

Magickal tool - chalice

Point of pentagram - Upper right

Type of magick - mirror magick, purification, healing, divination, dream magick, astral projection, love, friendship, spirituality, imagination

Animals - all marine life

Alchemical symbol - upside down triangle

Elemental spirit - undine

Nature - waterfalls, ocean, rain, etc., fog, moon

Parts of body - womb, breasts, tear ducts

Human senses - taste

Reflection in humanity - emotions, fertility, the unconscious mind

Goddess Aspect - Mother

Keys - Love Principle, Fertility

Virtues - compassion, tranquility, tenderness, forgiveness, modesty, fluidity in creativity, receptivity, influence, graciousness, sensitivity

Vices - self-indulgence, negligence, cowardice, indifference, instability, moodiness, infatuation, easily put upon, delusions, dependent

Excess - body puffiness, mood swings, "touchiness", apathy

Shortage -deep body dryness, hotness, mind & body feel separated, no empathy

Stage in the cycle of creation - perseverance to endure the long gestation, the nurturing and supporting role. Emotions - love, sorrow, courage to continue on a difficult path with no end in sight, enduring rage born of long, silent suffering, hope that springs eternal.


Cardinal Sign representing the birth of the Element.
Fire of Water symbolised by Rain and Springs.
Swift and passionate onset.

Fixed Sign representing the Element's Life.
Air of Water represented by the Sea.
Steady force of putrification.

Mutable Sign reprenting the Element's passing to Spirit.
Water of Water represented by the Pool.
Stagnant, spititualised reflection of images.

Astrological Rulers
Venus, Moon.

The High Priestess, The Chariot, The Hanged Man, Death, The Moon.
Minor Arcana of Cups.

Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow