Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow
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Mabon, the autumn equinox, is the time of equilibrium, as is it's spring counterpart. Day and Night are of equal length and the tide of the year flows steadily. But while spring represented the equilibrium before action, autumn represents the calm after the action. It is the time to take satisfaction in the summer's work and to reap it's benefits. Mabon is the second harvest festival, the harvest of the fruit. This is the time of the vine, the God now dances his last dance as the God of Wine and content reflection knowing that the power of the sun is carried in the fruit of the vine. The wine will remind us of the God's power throughout the year and the falling leaves, descending to become part of the earth, are a reflection of His journey to the Underworld, into the mother's womb, where he will stay until he emerges once more, with green shoots, as the wheel turns. Mabon marks the completion of the harvest, and thanksgiving, with the emphasis on the future return of that abundance.
The Eleusinian mysteries took place at this time. The initiate was said to have been shown a single ear of grain with the words 'in silence is the seed of wisdom gained'. The themes of the autumn equinox are the completion of the harvest, the balance of light and dark, and the acknowledgement of the reign of the dark months.

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Jack Frost & The Hooded Crow