[15:12] (UB4T): came home from a hot day work ?:( now i`m gonne relax
[15:12] (Christine33): good 4 u UB4T
[15:13] * UB4T is away -( shower )- at 04:13p -( P:On / L:On )-
[15:13] (UB4T): BRB
[15:13] (Kell): shower em :P
[15:15] * Coelacanth stomps on UB4T's foot.
[15:15] (Kell): in the shower??
[15:15] (Kell): wew
[15:15] (dirtyangel): LOL
[15:15] (Coelacanth): Ok, I asked for that!
[15:15] (Coelacanth): Smart (censored)!
[15:15] (Coelacanth): Grrr, lol.
[15:15] (Coelacanth): Sod of Loki, lol.
[15:15] (Loki): haha
[15:16] (Coelacanth): THATS why I don't chat
[15:16] * Loki nudges wyrdjax towards FW quotes ;)
(frostwire #main 19th June 06)
[15:10] (dutch-goose) i translated the rules for frost yesterday
[15:11] (DaPrivateer) Into German?
[15:11] (dutch-goose) no dutch :P i kant find a german to do it
[15:11] (DaPrivateer) Ahh, Why did I think you were German? Hmm, odd. Sorry about that, lol.
[15:11] (dutch-goose) hahahahah wellllllllllllllll thanks m8 :P
[15:12] (DaPrivateer) Yeah, I do feel guilty, lol.
[15:12] (dutch-goose) i speak german when i want i type it 2
[15:12] (Tuxy) wonders if the dutch in nick may have les to a clue
[15:12] (dutch-goose) lmao
[15:12] (DaPrivateer) ROFLMAO.
[15:12] (DaPrivateer) Ok, I asked for that.
(frostwire #main)
[21:00] (ianw) well... there is 2 different designs in the works.. i havent seen the second one, but i will tell you that the first one looks like a music note
[21:00] (Cyberwraith) I am Quavering with anticipation
[21:00] (Malachi) oh groaaaan lol
[21:00] (Nema) I don't like your "Semi-Tone"
[21:01] (ianw) oh man
[21:01] (Cyberwraith) lmao
[21:01] (Malachi) no need to get 'crotchety'
[21:01] (Nema) Ok now, Beat it!
[21:01] (Malachi) speaking of crotches. thought you were going out nema?
[21:01] (ianw) Nema : we are'nt micheal jackson ;)
[21:01] (Nema) I am now, lol.
[21:01] (Nema) ROFLMAO ianw
[21:01] ([V]ampiro) lol
[21:02] (Nema) That was a bit of a "Bum-Note"
[21:02] (Nema) Ok, I'm going now.
[21:02] (Malachi) oh go away you silly admin
(Frostwire #main)
[00:52] (activeX) activeX is going down for a few minutes
[00:52] (wyrdjax) ooo lucky him :)
[00:52] (wyrdjax) OUT THE GUTTER WYRD
[00:52] (activeX) people will need to be manually voiced...
[00:52] (activeX) brb
[00:52] (spuggy) heh
[00:53] * spuggy sniggers more
[00:53] (wyrdjax) lol
* Quits: activeX (activeX@network.services.bot) (Going down on new server)
[00:54] rofl
[00:54] LMAO
(frostwire #staff May 5th 2006)
[01:48] (Casper): look at that ian streaking away already she is {17}
[01:48] (ianw): freaky... lol
[01:49] (ianw): im 19..
[01:49] (ianw): she\'s too young
[01:49] (Angel): i imagine ianw likes older women...19, huh? doubtful
[01:50] * ianw analyzes caspers\' sentence more closely
[01:50] (ianw): OHHH
[01:50] (ianw): you mean TRIVIA STREAK
[01:50] (Casper): LMFAO
[01:50] (ianw): ;)
[01:51] * Casper someone pick me up ive fell
[01:51] (ianw): hehe
(frostwire #ops 30th June 2006)
[16:22pm] (Calliope) SimplePlan, Nonny want's you to PM her :)
[16:24pm] (sug) pm her simps what have you got to lose?
[16:24pm] (SimplePlan) she can pm me
[16:24pm] (sug) she's shy
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:29:06] (SimplePlan) hi babe calliope and sug told me to msg you
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:29:17] (nonproffessional) oh they did did they?
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:29:36] (SimplePlan) yeah said your a big flirt and told me to msg you
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:29:56] (nonproffessional) nah i'm not a flirt, i let others do the talking
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:01] (SimplePlan) but ... i think ur a op of some kind and male lol
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:08] (nonproffessional) both are true
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:16] (SimplePlan) darn that sug !
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:20] (nonproffessional) hahahahaa!
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:33] u ircop?
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:36] yes
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:51] ah k :/ im gonna go talk to those girls.. cya
[16:30pm] (nonproffessional) [23:30:56] have fun :)
[16:31pm] (sug) lmfao
[16:31pm] (Calliope) haha babe
[16:30pm] (SimplePlan) pfft
[16:30pm] (SimplePlan) irc op!
[16:30pm] (SimplePlan) male!
[17:36pm] (Calliope) SimplePlan you can PM ian too, she's another hotty
[17:37pm] (SimplePlan) i no who ianw is !
[17:37pm] (SimplePlan) :( trying to get me in trouble
[17:37pm] (Calliope) Did we get you in trouble with Babe?
[17:38pm] (Calliope) Ian's a dear
[17:38pm] (SimplePlan) lol.. hes male
[17:39pm] (sug) she is not
[17:39pm] (SimplePlan) watch il pm
[17:42pm] (SimplePlan) (SimplePlan) hi petal sug told me to pm you said your hot n stuff n your female -_- even thoughh ian is a male name
(frostwire #main/#ops)
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