[10:01] * Joins: lofo (jchat@Peer-BB13FC81.dip.t-dialin.net)
*** Chat_Bot sets mode: +v lofo
[10:02] (laydee): ohhh kk
[10:02] (yummy-brummy): wb lofo
[10:02] (laydee): shite here :(
[10:02] (lofo): hey
[10:02] (yummy-brummy): sunny for me
[10:02] (lofo): whattt??
[10:03] (Malachi): I don't think that was a request from laydee, lofo :D
[10:03] (lofo): i realized that
(#frostwire-main 29th August 2006)
[20:48] (Sui`Generis`Away) it was more exciting than when we find that toad
[20:48] (Sui`Generis`Away) *found
[20:48] (spuggy) oh, i thought twas like an anal event or summit
[20:48] (spuggy) "find the toad"
[20:48] (Sui`Generis`Away) anal, lmfao
[20:48] (spuggy) *anual >.<
[20:48] (Sui`Generis`Away) hehehehehe
[20:48] (spuggy) *ANUAL
(Liam`): holiday-yummy erm been meaning t ask you this for ages
(Liam`): where are you on holiday?
(holiday-yummy): costa del balconia Liam
(dirtyangel): lmao
(dirtyangel): eeerm
(dirtyangel): cool
(dirtyangel): i meant
(Liam`): erm
(Liam`): wher the hell is that? lol
(Liam`): spain?
(holiday-yummy): pmsl
(dirtyangel): hehe
(holiday-yummy): never mind Liam hahahahahaha
* Liam` smiles and nods
(Liam`): google!
(Liam`): brb
(Liam`): i cant thind costa del balconia
(Liam`): find*
(Calliope): Lets make it English then Liam`
(Calliope): He's on the coast of his balcony? :P
(Liam`): ahh i see!
(Liam`): brb google
(Malachi): quite close to deckonia oz lol
(Calliope): ...
(Malachi): pmsl
(Calliope): I don't think he got it lmao
(holiday-yummy): or el terrasso
(Liam`): nice place
(Liam`): goodle images!
(Liam`): works wonders!
(Malachi): backyardia?
(Calliope): haha
* Malachi slaps Liam` around a bit with a large trout
(Liam`): Malachi where is deckonia?
* Nat (censored)
(Malachi): lol ffs oz lmao think about it lil pal
(Liam`): i see deck?
(Malachi): just south of backyardia
(Malachi): not far from frontsteppia? yes?
(Liam`): front step?
(Malachi): :)
(Nat): hahaha
(Liam`): deck on
(Liam`): hmmm
* Liam` ponders
(Nat): caught on now oz?
(Malachi): deck balcony backyard step .....
(holiday-yummy): that's near arenal gardenia
(Malachi): roflmao oz
* Malachi tries to find the quotes page if he can stop laughing
(#frotwire-main 6th Sept 06)
[14:56] *** ChanServ sets mode: +sVCuNT
[14:56] (Malachi): roflmao
[14:56] (Sui`Generis): shhh!
[14:56] (Malachi): aaaaaaaahahahah
[14:57] (Sui`Generis): MLOCK +CNOUstTuV is what i typed
[14:57] (Sui`Generis): totally different
[14:57] (Malachi): aye I believe you lol
(#quarantine 21st September06)
[16:03] (Coelacanth): wyrdjax, replace the peercommons address with the server IP
[16:04] (wyrdjax): he has done nema
[16:04] (wyrdjax): er insert a comma in there
[16:04] (Coelacanth): Oh,
[16:04] (wyrdjax): for decency's sake
[16:04] (Coelacanth): lol.
[16:04] (Coelacanth): OH NO HE HASN'T!
[16:04] (Coelacanth): :D
[16:04] (Sui`Generis): OH YES HE HAS!
[16:04] (wyrdjax): roflmao
[16:04] (Sui`Generis): he's behind you ;)
[16:05] (Coelacanth): Boooooooooo
[16:05] (Coelacanth): I've no idea at all.
(#staff October 17th 06)
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