[18:07] (CGGUY): so should i uninstall it and then download it from your site
[18:07] (LuLu): call ur bank or ur credit card ppl
[18:08] (LuLu): yes uninstall twat u got and go 2 www.frostwire.com
(#support Nov 3rd 2006)
[00:36] (LuLu): he meant at the bottom tit sayz excellent connection
[00:36] (wyrdjax): pleased we sorted you. sorry you got ripped off with that other
[00:37] (wyrdjax): tit LuLu? O_O
(#support Nov 5th 06)
[03:01] (+LuLu) i coulda bit ma arm off i swear
[03:01] (+LuLu) rofl god ama stop comin here for a bit ..ama be a stress heard
[03:04] * Joins: Rage (jchat@Peer-F6C123FB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
[03:04] * Chat_Bot sets mode: +v Rage
[03:04] (+Sui`Generis) oh look LuLu, its for you!
(#support Nov 6th 2006)
[19:10pm] (~Malachi) ok kwisso1. type /join #support just where you type in here. exactly like that with the / and the #
[19:11pm] (+kwisso1) type / #support
[19:12pm] (~Malachi) ... /join #support
[19:12pm] (+LuLu) dont type type
[19:12pm] (~Malachi) try again mate
[19:12pm] (+LuLu) put this /join #support
[19:13pm] (+LuLu) ...
[19:13pm] (+kwisso1) type/join #support
(#main 4th Nov 06)
[16:34] (wyrdjax): trace see the 'view' tab on frostwire
[16:34] (trace): no were
[16:34] (wyrdjax): at the top of frostwire
[16:34] (trace): no im sorry
[16:35] (wyrdjax): next to 'file'
[16:35] (wyrdjax): there's a button with 'view' on it
[16:35] (`Jigsaw`): This is going to be a hard on.
[16:35] (trace): oh yes
[16:35] (`Jigsaw`): ONE*
[16:35] (`Jigsaw`): ffs!
[16:35] (wyrdjax): click it > show/hide > connections
[16:35] (wyrdjax): LMAO `Jigsaw` I'll deal with that later
[16:36] (`Jigsaw`): No one knows this nick so I'm ok.
[16:38] (`Jigsaw`): Exit frostwire.
[16:38] (`Jigsaw`): Shut it down.
[16:38] (`Jigsaw`): Not the computer, just frostwire.
[16:40] (trace): jigsaw im not on frostwire just the web site
[16:40] (`Jigsaw`): trace, what?
[16:40] * wyrdjax starts crying
[16:40] (`Jigsaw`): ffs.
[16:40] (trace): im sorry
[16:40] (`Jigsaw`): I don't think you need to be in here then trace.
[16:40] (`Jigsaw`): We can't help you with a frostwire problem if you're not using it. lol.
[16:41] (wyrdjax): o man where's mah quotes
(#support 8th Nov 06)
[09:48am] <+LuLu> nonny wil teach ya
[09:48am] <+LuLu> :p
[09:48am] <+nonproffessional> my hands are full LuLu
[09:49am] <+LuLu> o nonproffessional is that who u r
[09:49am] <+LuLu> woops i knew that
[09:49am] <+Freyr> haha
[09:49am] <+Calliope> lmao
(#main 9th Nov 06)
[14:05] (wyrdjax): mal usually singles levi outta the audience. sits on his knee and wotnot lmao levi goes mental with him
[14:05] (Calliope): haha
[14:05] (wyrdjax): GET AWAY FROM ME! you BENDER!
[14:05] (`Kat): rflmao,
[14:05] (wyrdjax): pmfsl
[14:05] (`Kat): I'd likk the twat
[14:05] (`Kat): NNNOOOOO
[14:05] (`Kat): KILL
[14:05] (`Kat): Fuck
[14:05] (wyrdjax): O_O
[14:06] (`Kat): DonT!
[14:06] (Calliope): lmao
[14:06] (`Kat): You
[14:06] (`Kat): Dare!
[14:06] (Calliope): Quote it!
[14:06] (Calliope): Run
[14:06] (Calliope): lol
[14:06] (`Kat): Bastards!
[14:06] (wyrdjax): I certainly will
[14:06] (wyrdjax): brb ..... whistleswhistles
(#staff 17th Nov 06)
[15:03] (jack): were are you jax?
[15:03] (wyrdjax): I'm in north england
[15:03] (`Jigsaw`): Sitting on my pal
[15:03] (`Jigsaw`): LAP
[15:03] (jack): ah
[15:03] (`Jigsaw`): Pyh god
[15:03] (`Jigsaw`): Crap
[15:03] (`Jigsaw`): << Runns off
[15:04] (wyrdjax): I am not sitting on `Jigsaw`'s pal, nor on his family members
[15:04] (`Jigsaw`): I meant lap, lol.
(#main 23rd Nov 06)
[13:54] (wyrdjax): he gets told to go out and just drink. he'sbanned from having a thought of his own
[13:54] (Neil): lol.
[13:54] (Neil): Prolly for the best?
[13:55] (King_pIG): oh and he's told to drink?.. drinking loosens your lips
[13:55] (wyrdjax): too royal is it
[13:55] (King_pIG): you know that
[13:55] (wyrdjax): aye piggers he sits and drools lol
[13:55] (Neil): Loosens your butt muscles too.
[13:55] (Neil): No.
[13:55] (King_pIG): LOL
[13:55] (Neil): Not like that
[13:55] (wyrdjax): O_O
[13:55] (Neil): Crap!
[13:55] (King_pIG): LOL
[13:55] (Neil): I'm going
[13:55] (wyrdjax): lmao
[13:55] (Neil): :(
[13:55] (King_pIG): LOL Neil
[13:55] (Neil): wyrdjax!
[13:55] (Neil): DYFD!
(frostwire-main 7th Dec 06)
[22:27] (Tuna): you can't say it without the r... it turns into butt if you do
[22:27] (apple): arse and tard are funny to me
[22:27] * netsplit watches food argue lol
(#copper 11th Dec 06)
[23:01pm] (AngieRae) /nickserv register pw email
[23:01pm] (AngieRae) Just type it in where you normally type
[23:06pm] * monday_night_raw_fan!GatewayX@Peer-71F97884.dsl.xxxxxx.xxxxxx.net is now known as serv
[23:06pm] (AngieRae) no space between nick and serv there monday
[23:19pm] (Calliope) You typed /nickserv set *oldpw* *newpw*
[23:25pm] (monday_night_raw_fan) i need help it don't let me change it
[23:25pm] (Calliope) What's it saying monday_night_raw_fan?
[23:25pm] (monday_night_raw_fan) unknown option *pw*
[23:26pm] (Calliope) Don't type in *pw* lol
[00:00am] (monday_night_raw_fan) ok well how do i logout?
[00:00am] (Calliope) Just click disconnect or the x
(#main 13th Dec 06)
(chichi) I'm new @ this chatting stuff I had the old frostwire this is werid but cool lol
(chichi) *chi chi feels like an idiot
(chichi) *chi chis so happy that is about to pee
* udsteve is an idiot
(Tuna) chichi.. type /me and then your action
* Tuna like this see
(chichi) *chi chi good?
(Tuna) /me like this see
(chichi) ?
(chichi) *chi chi confused
(AlleyCat) type /me waves
(Tuna) type exactly that
(udsteve) type /me action
* beatster action
* Tuna super action
(chichi) type / me *chi chi get right?
(beatster) lol
(AlleyCat) lol
(beatster) chichi is retarded?
(Tuna) lol without the type and no space between the /me
* beatster smacks chichi
(AlleyCat) just /me laughs
(Tuna) /me is retarded (=== just like that
* beatster laughs @ chichi
Joins: spuggy
* Chat_Bot sets mode: +v spuggy
(AlleyCat) lol
(chichi) me/ *chi chi dont like u mocking atakes u
(AlleyCat) hey there spugs !
(spuggy) ello
* udsteve waves across #main to spuggy
(chichi) spuggy yay
* spuggy waves back
(chichi) *chi chi like spuggy
(Tuna) I give up.. my pupil has failed me :(
(AlleyCat) lol
(udsteve) chichi
(chichi) *chi chi pats spuggy on head
(spuggy) hi chichi
(spuggy) no no chichi
(AlleyCat) lol
(chichi) hi spuggy
(spuggy) /me pats spuggy
* udsteve /me pats spuggy
(AlleyCat) watching
(chichi) *chi chi also pats spuggy
(chichi) YAY !!
(AlleyCat) lmfao
(spuggy) oi
(AlleyCat) not yay at all lol
(spuggy) /me sighs
(chichi) *spuggy angry wit chichi
* udsteve sighs
(chichi) chi chi sad
(AlleyCat) lmao
(spuggy) naw chichi
(chichi) :(
(Tuna) it's a lost cause
(chichi) *chi chi starts 2 dance
(spuggy) type this exactly chichi, are you focused? no stars...ready?
(spuggy) /me dances
(Tuna) ^^ type exactly that
(udsteve) pmsl
(chichi) chi chi pokes evryone with sharp pointy knife
(Tuna) and nothing else
(chichi) yay
(spuggy) no chichi, dont type chichi, type /me /me /ME
(spuggy) /me
* chichi chichi
(spuggy) kinda
(chichi) yay
(Tuna) there you go
(spuggy) now try /me waves
* chichi chi chi smiles
(Tuna) lmfao
(spuggy) lol, it'll do
(Tuna) no more writing chichi
(AlleyCat) lol
* chichi waves chi chi
(spuggy) so close
(AlleyCat) yet
* chichi chi chi pokes u
(#main 13th Dec06)
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