[22:33] (wyrdjax): LMAO I called it a dic cleanup pmsl
[22:33] (wyrdjax): that's your fault nonny
[22:33] (udsteve): lol
[22:34] (nonproffessional): why? you were thinking of cleaning my dic for me?
(#staff 14th Dec06)
[18:47pm] * Joins: porrrnsug (GatewayX@Peer-***.***.***.***.net, powerpookg4)
[18:47pm] (@Tuna) porrrnsug???
[18:47pm] (+Calliope) roflmfao
[18:48pm] (@Tuna) lmfao
[18:48pm] (+Calliope) hahahahaha
[18:48pm] (~spuggy) lmao
[18:48pm] * spuggy falls over
[18:48pm] (+Calliope) haha
[18:48pm] (@Tuna) it's in main too
[18:48pm] (~spuggy) aaaaaaaahahaha
(#rant 17th Dec 06)
[18:57pm] * Joins: im-so-damn-buff (GatewayX@Peer-***.***.***.***.net, brianstory/brianstory_2)
[18:57pm] (im-so-damn-buff) hello
[18:57pm] (~Calliope) Don't think you're gonna pull that stuff in here cause I'll ban you too
[18:57pm] (im-so-damn-buff) what did i do
[18:58pm] * Parts: im-so-damn-buff (GatewayX@Peer-***.***.***.***.net, brianstory/brianstory_2)
[18:58pm] (%jwb) lol
[18:58pm] (%jwb) ya scared him
[18:58pm] (~Calliope) heh
[18:58pm] * Joins: everyone-has-a-story (GatewayX@Peer-***.***.***.***.net, brianstory/brianstory_2/im-so-damn-buff)
[18:58pm] (everyone-has-a-story) hello
[18:59pm] (%jwb) hello
[18:59pm] (everyone-has-a-story) whats up
[18:59pm] (~Calliope) I know it's you Im so damn buff...
[18:59pm] (everyone-has-a-story) lol ill be nice
[18:59pm] (%jwb) lmao
(#Canada 17th Dec 06)
[01:50] (EGGMAN101): my mum just died
[01:51] (EGGMAN101): thats whats the matter asshole
[01:51] (ClickClickBoom): you're going to follow her shortly. keep out of my PM dipshit

[01:55] (Kat): ClickClickBoom, I see EGGMAN101 is on one of those nice ISP's. :D
[01:55] * Parts: EGGMAN101 (GatewayX@Peer-F2F75FD2.***.***.***.***, FW_Guest_-4745/stevo11185/COFFEE)
[01:55] * Joins: EGGMAN101 (GatewayX@Peer-F2F75FD2.***.***.***.***, FW_Guest_-4745/stevo11185/COFFEE)
[01:55] (EGGMAN101): OK ILL STOP NOW
[01:56] (Kat): That would be nice.
[01:56] (EGGMAN101): and ill stop doing caps
[01:56] (Kat): That would be nice too.
[01:56] (EGGMAN101): lol
[01:56] (EGGMAN101): lol what would the isp do
[01:57] (EGGMAN101): just interested
[01:57] * Quits: EGGMAN101 (GatewayX@Peer-F2F75FD2.***.***.***.***, FW_Guest_-4745/stevo11185/COFFEE) (User has been permanently banned from PeerCommons (harassment))

[01:54] (Kat): ROFLMAO
[01:56] (ClickClickBoom): I handled that rather well I thought
[01:57] (Kat): PMSL.
(#abuse/#rant 17th Dec 06)
[14:13] (AlleyCat): lol right place at the right time
[14:13] (FW_Guest_2904): ally cat,u like to cam me
[14:13] (AlleyCat): get a life
[14:13] (wyrdjax): hehehehe
[14:14] (wyrdjax): FW_Guest_2904- wossis tools > options > chat community to get a nick
[14:14] (wyrdjax): not sure about the life
[14:15] (wyrdjax): I'm not moses
[14:15] (AlleyCat): that might help lol
[14:15] (AlleyCat): lmao wyrd
(#United_Kingdom 17th Dec 06)
[03:41] (Chucky) how do u become a host ?
[03:41] (Nema) Where would you like to be a host Chucky?
[03:41] (Chucky) here but idk how
[03:43] (Nema) Why would you want to kick and give warnings?
[03:43] (Chucky) the same reason you would
[03:43] (Nema) It doesn't make a host feel big or clever.
[03:43] (Chucky) i think it would be fun to monitor and help out how did u become one ?
[03:44] (Nema) Erm...... Let me see.............
[03:44] * Nema changes topic to 'Ops/Host begging gets you banned.'
[03:44] (Nema) Does that clear things up?
[03:44] (Nema) :D
[03:45] (Chucky) that sucks lol
[03:45] (Chucky) bye smart ass
[03:45] * Parts: Chucky
[03:45] (Nema) Bye bye.
[03:45] (Nema) Another job well done.
[03:46] * Joins: Chucky
[03:46] (Nema) lol.
[03:46] (Chucky) lol im back
[03:46] (Nema) Welcome back Chucky.
[03:47] (Chucky) hey seriously will u help me
[03:47] (Chucky) im not begging im asking
[03:47] (Nema) I can't make any promises.
[03:47] (Nema) Hang on.
[03:47] (Chucky) k
[03:47] * Nema changes topic to 'Ops/Host begging or asking to become a op/host gets you banned.'
[03:48] (Chucky) ok then how did u become one
[03:48] (Chucky) im not asking or begging to becom one
[03:48] (Chucky) im asking you how u became one
[03:48] (Nema) Well, I made an application in writing to my local government office.
[03:48] * spuggy whispers to Chucky "pm Angelina`, she'll give you ops" :o ,br> [03:48] (Nema) Tey then forwarded my app to Frostwire.
[03:49] (Nema) The frostwire owners then thought I was good enough, and offered me the position.
[03:49] * Chucky asks " are you for real "
[03:49] (Nema) Yes.
[03:49] * spuggy nods
[03:49] (Chucky)� not u spuggy
[03:49] (Nema) Why would you doubt me?
[03:49] (Chucky) thx
[03:49] (spuggy) you're welcome
[03:49] (Chucky) i don't
[03:50] (Nema) Angelina` usually gives Ops if you type !opme She's broken at the moment though
[03:50] (Nema) Give it a try It may be fixed now.
[03:50] (Nema) You typed it?
[03:50] (Chucky) yeh
[03:50] (spuggy) this one time i typed "/quit bullshitting me and gimme ops" and it happened :o
[03:51] (Chucky) lol
[03:51] (Nema) Sorry, wrong command.� It should have been opme!
[03:51] (Chucky) she hasn't said anything i typed opme!
[03:51] (spuggy) she's shy?
[03:51] (Nema) you typed !opme
[03:51] (Nema) Should have been opme!
[03:51] (spuggy) op!me?
[03:51] * Quits: Chucky
[03:51] (spuggy) :o sucker!
[03:52] (Nema) This is to easy. lol.
[03:52] * Joins: FW_Guest_7439
[03:52] (FW_Guest_7439) hey i got kicked
[03:52] (spuggy) wb, did it work?
[03:52] (FW_Guest_7439) no brb
[03:52] (spuggy) try again, maybe in caps?
[03:52] * FW_Guest_7439 Chucky
[03:54] (Chucky) k what do u type to kick people if u are an op or host
[03:54] (Nema) me_kick_now!
[03:54] (spuggy) /part and the name of the person
[03:54] (Nema) That works too.
[03:54] (Nema) Same outcome, different method though
[03:54] (spuggy) yup
[03:55] (Nema) Chucky If you want to ban someone, you type......
[03:55] (Chucky) wat
[03:55] (Nema) me_ban-now!
[03:55] (Nema) me_ban_now!
[03:55] (Chucky) me_ban_now!
[03:55] (Chucky) no didn't work
[03:55] (Nema) Ten you'll be asked for the name of the person.
[03:55] * Parts: Chucky
[03:55] (spuggy) xD
[03:56] (Nema) PMSL You evil bastard
[03:56] (spuggy) :D
[03:56] * Joins: Chucky
[03:56] (spuggy) wb
[03:56] (Chucky) hey again
[03:56] (Nema) Chucky, it worked.
[03:56] (Chucky) lol
[03:56] (spuggy) where'd ya go?
[03:56] (Chucky) it kicked me
[03:56] (Nema) When you left, nonpro-AWAY got kicked.
[03:56] (Chucky) i tried to kick you though not nonpro-away lol
[03:56] (Nema) Really?
[03:56] (Chucky) no lol
[03:56] (Nema) Oh.
[03:56] (Chucky) i just typed part and got kicked how do i kick someone really
[03:57] (spuggy) try /part spuggy
[03:57] (Nema) Try it again, it should work now.
[03:57] * Parts: Chucky
[03:57] (Nema) ffs
[03:57] (spuggy) haha
[03:57] (Nema) LMAO
[03:57] * Joins: Chucky
[03:57] (Chucky) it kicked me
[03:57] (spuggy) you kicked me :o
[03:57] (Chucky) it didn't kick spuggy
[03:57] (Chucky) no i didn't
[03:58] (spuggy) it did :(
[03:58] (Chucky) i kicked myself
[03:58] (spuggy) and me
[03:58] (Chucky) bull how did u get back so fast ?
[03:58] (spuggy) quick fingers
[03:58] (Nema) autojoin
[03:58] (Nema) or that
[03:58] (Nema) lol. Tuna . You watching this dude?
[03:58] (Tuna) Nema yes I am.. XD
[03:59] (Chucky) but in main room when someone get's kicked by a op or host the host doesn't leave as well
[03:59] (Nema) You don't see them leave.
[03:59] (spuggy) try /quit making me leave spuggy
[03:59] (Nema) Thats because it's hidden.
[03:59] (Chucky) tuna is this for real
[03:59] -Nema- Don't type for 60 seconds.
[03:59] (Chucky) ???
[04:00] * Parts: Chucky
[04:00] * Joins: Chucky
[04:00] (Nema) ffs
[04:00] (Chucky) no one got kicked that time
[04:00] (Nema) Chucky,
[04:00] (Chucky) wat ?
[04:00] (Nema) Spuggy isn't here now.
[04:00] (Chucky) nema
[04:00] (Nema) But because he's a host, it shows him as being here.
[04:00] (Chucky) I DIDN'T KICK SPUGGY ! i kicked you
[04:01] (spuggy) woah, who kicked me? :/
[04:01] (Chucky) see
[04:01] (Nema) YOU can't kick me, I'm the chnnel owner.
[04:01] (Chucky) i didn't kick you i didn't kick spuggy
[04:01] (spuggy) says you did :(
[04:01] (Nema) Well, you can't kick me, so spuggy was next on the list
[04:01] * Parts: Chucky
[04:01] * Joins: Chucky
[04:02] * Parts: Chucky
[04:02] * Joins: Chucky
[04:02] (Chucky) that doesn't work. me_kick_now!
[04:02] (spuggy) Chucky, next time try /quit making me leave spuggy
[04:02] (Chucky) or somethin
[04:02] (spuggy) that should stop you leaving
[04:02] * Quits: Chucky
[04:02] (spuggy) xD
[04:02] (Nema) Fuckin hell,
[04:02] (Tuna) this guy is an idiot
[04:02] (Nema) LMFAO
[04:02] (spuggy) rofl
[04:02] (Tuna) he must be like 12 years old
[04:02] * Joins: FW_Guest_7439
[04:02] (FW_Guest_7439) that didn't work
[04:03] (spuggy) :/
[04:03] * FW_Guest_7439 is now known as Chucky
[04:03] (Nema) Looked to work quite well to me, lol.
[04:03] (spuggy) i didnt see you leave
[04:03] (Chucky) did u leave
[04:03] (spuggy) yeah
[04:03] (Chucky) do u promise to god on your soul
[04:03] (spuggy) sure. im agnostic too, means a lot
[04:03] (Chucky) are you satanist or athiast? do u believe in god ?
[04:04] (spuggy) nope, im hugely agnostic
[04:04] (Chucky) do u swear to ur dude whoever it is
[04:04] (spuggy) yes
[04:04] (Nema) Chucky, ASL?
[04:04] (Chucky) 14/m/ga
[04:04] (spuggy) i swear to the almighty ircgods
[04:04] (Nema) Riiiiggghhhttt
[04:04] (Chucky) im serious
[04:05] (Nema) You sure?
[04:05] (spuggy) me too, i take my gods seriously
[04:05] (Chucky) bull ur stupid spuggy lol
[04:05] (spuggy) mighty kikolotabut and banalotoaz
[04:05] (Nema) Go for it spuggy.. :) lol
[04:06] * Chucky would kick spuggy if he knew how
[04:06] * Parts: Chucky
[04:06] (spuggy) haha i love this guy
[04:06] (Nema) Indeed.
[04:06] (spuggy) can we quote this? XD
[04:07] (Nema) Hope so, send wyrdjax the log. Lol.
[04:07] (spuggy) heh god bless tards
[04:08] (Tuna) they make chat worthwhile :D
[03:56] *** ChanServ sets mode: +ao wyrdjax wyrdjax
[03:57] (nonproffessional): hold on, imma do it again
[03:57] (Midnight_Caller): lmao
[03:57] (nonproffessional): SHIT
[03:58] (nonproffessional): wy responded on auto and it filled everything red
[03:58] (nonproffessional): and i mean EVERYTHING
[03:58] (nonproffessional): she's in all chans
[03:58] (Midnight_Caller): lol.
[03:58] (nonproffessional): now i have a desynced server and dirty pants
[03:58] (Midnight_Caller): ROFLMAO
(5th Jan07)
[12:31] (Casper): Why do men like Blonde Jokes?
[12:31] (Coelacanth): dunno.
[12:31] (Casper): cos they can undertand them
[12:31] (wyrdjax): hehehe too true
[12:31] (nonny): lol
[12:31] (Coelacanth): SHame they can'yt spell them, lol.
[12:31] (nonny): lmao
[12:31] (wyrdjax): umm innit nema
[12:31] (wyrdjax): LMAO
[12:31] (Coelacanth): fuck it
(#staff 8thJan07)
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