[21:06pm] (~nonproffessional) do we get many austrians? is there a need to give them a TLD chan?
[21:07pm] (&Calliope) I don't know of many
[21:07pm] (~nonproffessional) thought not
[21:07pm] (@luna_moon) i think tainted_angel is
[21:08pm] (~nonproffessional) it's only worth it if we get hundreds of them
[21:09pm] (&spuggy) i think i only know 2 aussies
[21:09pm] (&spuggy) izzy and kozza
[21:10pm] (~nonproffessional) check my spelling and try again
[21:10pm] (&Calliope) Austrian's not Australians...
(#staff 10th Jan 07)
[14:35] (&Kaapeli): Yeah, I understand if you don't have proper tires on your cars, it can be very slippery
[14:36] (~nonproffessional): well it snows about 2 days a year here so no one has those tires
[14:36] (&Neil): It's not that Kaapeli, it's just that british people are retarded, they can't plan their journey's etc etc. They just HAVE to travel 12 miles in the 2" os snot to get a new pair of jeans.
[14:36] (&Neil): SNOW
[14:36] (~nonproffessional): 2" of snot
[14:36] (~nonproffessional): lmfao
(#staff 7th feb 07)
[20:40] * saltyirishdog kisses wyrdjaxs ass
[20:40] (wyrdjax): umm I'm sitting on mal's knee :D there's a visual eh
[20:41] (saltyirishdog): how would that work
[20:41] (saltyirishdog): lets c. u on mal
[20:41] (saltyirishdog): ugh
[20:41] (saltyirishdog): that would mean id be near his big irish balls
[20:41] (wyrdjax): lmfao
[20:41] (saltyirishdog): not worth it
[20:41] (wyrdjax): pmsl
(#main 8th feb 07)
[00:11] (Nema): I'm getting concerned. I can't go to bed without subjecting myself of 2 hours IRC at night.
[00:11] (PoeticJaffaCake): mine solution is porn but i guess irc works
[00:12] (Nema): I have a GF for that. trouble is we're not awake at the same times.
[00:12] (Nema): Ugh.
[00:12] (Nema): I think thats called rape.
[00:12] (Nema): :(
[00:12] (PoeticJaffaCake): i know how it feels
[00:12] (Nema): Shit
[00:12] (Malachi): hehehe
[00:12] (PoeticJaffaCake): not that!
[00:12] (Nema): ROFLMAO
[00:12] (PoeticJaffaCake): girlfriend being asleep
[00:12] (PoeticJaffaCake): bah!
[00:12] (Malachi): lmfao ohhhhhquotes
(#staff 10th Feb 07)
[02:56] (hardcore): I like POWER RANGERZ
[02:56] (hardcore): LIGHTENIN FORCE
[02:57] (hardcore): my mom sed i have to move out if i don't stop goin 2 conventionz and talki bout em
[02:57] (hardcore): apprantly she wantz grandkidz
(#lobby 18th Feb 07)
[09:45] (TEH1nONLY) jus chillin
[09:45] (Ratach) why?
[09:46] (TEH1nONLY) cause there nothin else to do
[09:46] (Ratach) I dont like people chillin in my rooms
[09:46] (Ratach) only people i know
[09:46] (TEH1nONLY) TESTY!!!!
[09:46] (TEH1nONLY) Anger is a condition in which the tongue works faster than the mind.
[09:47] * TEH1nONLY was kicked by Ratach (Kicking is a condition where my foot moves faster than your ass)
(private channel 25th Feb 07)
[15:57] (Harryone): I was born on goof friday
[15:57] (Harryone): oopps
[15:57] (Harryone): good
[15:57] (Dirty`Filthy`Nasty): YLMAO
(#staff 15th March 07)
[21:53pm] )Jenni) .. man
[21:53pm] (Jenni) i have aids
[21:54pm] (Jenni) internet aids
[21:54pm] (Yiffy) so, you have dial-up?
(#main 19th March 07)
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