Chapter 4

Darius could hear whispering as he sat reading in his lounge, the following morning.

“No! No, Netty, you've got to announce me! Is my arse all flat?”

“You're beautiful, child. Don't be foolish.”

“What about this bit? Where's it go?”

“Tut. Come here.”


“There now. Ready?” Netty waddled into the lounge and Darius straightened his face and stood up. “Master Hawk, I have a very special guest for you. May I present, the transformed Miss Alexandria Rayne!” Alexandria came breezing into the room with a smile that almost bisected her pretty face. Her ringlets had been brushed and piled up on top of her head and she wore a green cotton dress and white plimsolls.

“Well, well, well!” Darius laughed. “Don't you look the part!”

“What about this posh frock eh?” Alexandria twirled round. “I've never had a frock before. My legs are cold.”

“It's beautiful.” Netty nodded, Darius did likewise. Actually it was just a plain, everyday dress that you'd see on a hundred girls anywhere in the Major Sector. To Alexandria, it was a fairytale ballgown.

“Hey I've got a bust too!” She stuck out the said bodily part and Darius coughed uncomfortably. “That's because I've got braziers now, you see.” She said seriously. "Bugger's taking lumps out of me but Netty says I'll get used to it.”

“You look very nice, Alexandria. Much better than my vest and undershorts.” Darius complimented.

“Well I can't be having my lessons in a bloke's undies now, can I?” Alexandria sniffed.

“Er ... no I suppose not.” Darius winced. “Shall we go and have breakfast?” Alexandria nodded and darted for the kitchen. “Alexandria? There's no need to run for it. Come here.” Alexandria wandered over to Darius, still looking at the kitchen door. “No one's going to beat you to it. It's not a race. OK?” She nodded. “Are you drooling?” Another nod and Darius handed her a tissue. “Now then. You walk with me to the door. Yes? Don't drag me! Walk nicely. Good. Now we stop here while I open the door for you and don't you dare dash through it!” Alexandria backtracked and rearranged her new bust. Darius let that slide. They walked into the kitchen where the table was set for breakfast. “Stay put.” He pulled out a chair for Alexandria, which she ran at slightly, and sat on quickly. “Brilliant!” Darius also sat down and put his napkin on his lap, Alexandria copied him. “Would you like oatmeal or grapefruit?”

“Well actually I'd rather have a go at that fry-up over there.” Alexandria nodded to the sizzling pans on the stove. “Er ... please.”

“Yes, that's for us too.” Darius nodded. “We have cereal to start, and fruit juice too if you like, then our cooked meal and all the toast you can eat.”

“What? All of it?” Alexandria said in astonishment. “Can I have a bit of everything there is going?”

“Of course you can, child.” Netty smiled and busied herself with the cereal bowls.

“I'll keep some for later.” Alexandria said seriously and sided off some toast onto a small plate. Darius began to laugh quietly.

“Alexandria, there's no need to. You don't have to store or stash food. Understand? It's eight AM now and we have lunch at one. I'm sure if you get hungry in between, we can sort out a snack.”

“I'm ... I can't take this in.” Alexander looked at all the food. “I'm used with automatically keeping some back because I didn't know how many days it would be before I'd eat again. It just doesn't feel responsible to eat all this in one go.”

“That's actually very sad.” Darius said gently. “Don't you look at me like that, I mean it. I didn't realise how out of touch we are up here until now.”

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