Chapter 21

Waylon and Lafi were arrested by Overseer Granger in Jullit before Zarsan's scouts even got there. The pair were trying to form a rebel group in the hopes of securing Jullit and using that to attack Agalia. The loyal and peace loving Jullits soon reported them to the Watch. A week after that, they were confined to a small, securely guarded villa in West Agalia. Despite their atrocious crimes, Zarsan knew what would happen to them in jail. They wouldn't have lived for more than a week. He appealed to the courts for humanity and had the secure villa adapted accordingly. A month after their imprisonment, Harper and Zarsan were married, on Harper's thirty second birthday. Both East and West Agalia became one huge party, as did Luh and most of Ludrigshires.

"Ludrig is enjoying himself." Harper said to Kenan. Ludrig had drank enough ale to sink a fishing boat and was now teaching Zari a very crude Shires battle song.

"Ludrig always enjoys himself." Kenan laughed. "What a fantastic day Harper, everyone's so happy. Is Zarsan ever going to put the baby down?" Zarsan had spent the majority of the day with Kezia in his arms.

"He'll hand her over to Flora soon." Harper smiled. "It may be a good idea to go and rescue Keegan from Lady Lydia. She's rather keen on finding a husband for Lady Gertie." Kenan grimaced and threaded her way through the guests.

"Lady Harper." Jonas came up quietly behind Harper. "I have a message from the villa. It's Waylon Boon, he's dying. He took a seizure about an hour ago." He handed Harper a note and Harper went out onto the balcony to read it. It was a full and detailed confession of everything Waylon and Lafi had participated in during that long eleven years. Everything was there, the name of the Golon spy, Daclar Hood, details of the killing of the Agalian soldier, Hannet, the Jailer and the unknown delivery scout from Jullit. This must have tormented Waylon for years, Lafi too. Harper felt sick and disgusted. The man had the nerve to beg for forgiveness before he died.

"Still all about him eh?" Harper snapped. "Jonas was Lafi even there when Waylon sealed a sentence in exile for him?"

"I've no idea, Harper. It wouldn't have mattered. Waylon was always going to be in charge, right to the end. I think he's hanging on for a reply. Do I take the note to Zarsan too?"

"I don't think so." Harper knew there was every chance of Zarsan absolving a dying man and she wasn't ready for that. "I could tell you to go and inform Waylon that he'll go to his grave unforgiven. However I'd never give anyone such a disturbing message to deliver. If you prefer, you can just sit it out until he dies." Even Jonas flinched at the coldness in Harper's voice. "If it's any consolation to anyone ... " Harper held the letter to an open lantern and watched it burn. "No one is exiled."

"I'll return to my post." Jonas nodded and smiled at Harper. "Congratulations. It's about time too."

Zarsan saw his wife at the other side of the Hall and smiled happily. He raised his glass to her and Harper smiled and did likewise.

---------> End

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