Chapter 1

A hundred and one candles bathed the room in a soft orange glow. Lights and shadows flickered across the polished oak furniture, picking out the reds and browns to compliment the warmth. The red satin sheets on the massive four poster bed did little to cover the two occupants of it, nor did they hide the slow, sensuous movements of passion that rippled gracefully. Nothing could interrupt the fluidity of such sensuality, it was natural and exquisitely artistic. Nothing except some clattering great oaf hammering on the bed chamber door. Daniel looked at the oak headboard and heaved a sigh.

"This better be good." He rolled out of bed and dragged on his jeans.

"It probaby will be." Daniel's young female companion began to dress. "No rest for the wicked eh."

"Right, yeah." Daniel flattened his long black hair with his hand and opened the door. "Lew you shit." He said casually to his right hand man and most trusted friend. Lew was everything from a lookout, bodyguard and outright thug, to a diplomat, scientist and artist.

"You busy?" Lew nodded as Ruth left the lounge.

"Not any more. Cheers Lew." Daniel sat infront of the huge blazing fire in it's dark marble fireplace.

"Ah she'll be off to Robin as soon as she gets her panties changed." Lew commented, nodding towards the door.

"Good for Robin. And me?" Daniel raised an eyebrow at his friend.

"I didn't think Robin was your type." Lew shrugged.

"Do you want anything? Or do you just not like the idea of me getting my leg over?" Daniel laughed and shook his head. This was twice this week that Lew had done this. The last time had been when one of the bedrooms in the mansion caught fire.

"Actually it's this shit again." Lew tossed the newspaper over to Daniel. "Courting teenagers found in the park with their throats ripped out. It's the same as the three they found a few weeks ago. It is those two, Daniel, like you suspected. Matt saw them coming back here covered in blood just after the time the papers say they were killed."

"Where are they now?" Daniel asked menacingly.

"Not back yet. They went out about an hour ago." Lew looked at the grandfather clock in Daniel's lounge.

"Get Zach and Rachael to keep an eye out for them returning. Bring them into the front hall." Daniel said. "Pair of bastards."

"Indeed." Lew sighed. "Daniel things are getting a bit scarce out there."

"I don't give a shit!" Daniel shouted. "And I don't expect to hear that from you, of all people."

"Hey, calm down! I wasn't making excuses for Nye and Tone, I was stating a fact. I'm as worried as you are." Lew said defensively. "Shit I should have let you finish your screw." He left Daniel, and his mood, alone with the flickering flames.
Another headline caught Daniel's eye and he smiled viciously. A notorious gangleader by the name of Woody Woods had finished his jail sentence. This arsehole had served a pathetic six months. He and his scummy gang had been selling crack cocaine to kids as young as twelve. Two sixteen year olds had died as a result of it.

"You are mine, arsehole." Daniel put down the paper and left his rooms.

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