Chapter 2

Stephanie hurried down the road, dodging people and puddles on the dull pavements. Her friends would be merrily intoxicated by now, as Stephanie would have been if her hour long nap hadn't turned into a four hour semi-coma. The Montego club was brightly lit and loud music boomed from inside of it.

"Oi!" One of the doormen stood infront of Stephanie. "I don't think so."

"Huh?" Stephanie looked at him in confusion. "My friends are inside."

"Got any ID?" The big man asked.

"You have got to be kidding!" Stephanie began rifling her pockets even though she knew she had no identification on her. "I'm twenty one and my friends are in there. Ask them, they'll tell you."

"I'm sure they will." The doorman rolled his eyes. "No ID then you're not going in there. You only look about twelve. Come on, clear off." He turned his attention to the queue of customers wanting to be admitted into the Montego.

"Well hell." Stephanie muttered miserably and shuffled away. She stood in a doorway and took out her mobile phone to call the people she was meant to be meeting. "Sally! Sal I can't get in. The ape on the door said I look underage!" Stephanie wailed.

"Ah right. Yes they are a bit strict here." Sally yelled above the din. "Oh well, better luck next time Steph." She laughed.

"Well is that it? What do I do now?"

"Not much you can do really, unless you run home for your ID."

"Which will take ages and the bloody place will be closed!" Stephanie snapped. "Cheers Sal, I knew I could count on you." She ended the call and stuffed her phone back into her pocket. "Cow."

Stephanie began to trudge down the road feeling very sorry for herself indeed. She'd cut through the side streets and get herself a takeaway to eat at home. The streets were a lot quieter away from the main road and the lane that lead to the Chinese takeaway was deserted. Stephanie turned the corner and headed up the side lane.

She heard a yell. One short, terrified yell that stopped as suddenly as it started. It came from a turn off that lead to a warehouse yard on Stephanie's right, so she quickly turned into a street on her left. Not quickly enough. A man turned his head and looked straight at her and Stephanie was frozen to the spot. On the ground behind this man was another man, who looked very lifeless indeed with a four inch slit across his throat. Stephanie's feet refused to move and the scream she was desperate to let go was lodged in her chest and suffocating her. She watched in horror as the lifeless man seemed to be a lot less lifeless than she presumed when he pulled a gun from his boot. He shot the taller man four times. Stephanie saw the bullets ripping through his stomach and spraying the ground and wall with blood.

Police sirens jolted her out of her shock and she looked around in panic for a lane to run down. She heard car doors slamming and running footsteps, and the tall man who'd been shot was nowhere to be seen. Stephanie stumbled blindly towards the takeaway and reeled out into the main street. By now the place was crawling with police officers and crowds of people were starting to flock to see what all the commotion was about. Stephanie pushed her way through the crowds and tried desperately not to vomit.

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