No one noticed one tiny five foot tall girl among the general chaos and Stephanie eventually found herself out in the open, away from the pushing crowns and the police. She leaned against a bus shelter wall to catch her breath and steady her nerves. What had she just witnessed? Two men had killed each other and there'd been blood everywhere! Movement caught her eye from the bushes behind the shelter and she caught her breath. Stephanie recognised the man she saw, she'd just seen him take four bullets, in the warehouse yard. She saw four uniformed police officers making their way down the road towards her and glanced at the man in the bushes. He made direct eye contact with her and his crystal blue eyes sparkled at her as he shook his head slightly. Stephanie could see that he was clutching his stomach and that he was bleeding quite profusely.

"Evening Miss." The officers were at the shelter. "I'm afraid the number eight buses will be re-routed."

"Er ... that's ok, I'm waiting for the twelve." Stephanie said quickly.

"Due in five minutes." One of the other officers said. "Not seen any dodgy characters around have you?"

"Dodgy how?" Stephanie's voice trembled.

"There was an incident in Weller's Yard about thirty minutes ago, plenty of blood around." The policeman explained. "One of them got away."

"N ... no. No one." Stephanie stammered, shaking her head.

"Ok Miss. You make sure you get on that bus and go straight home." The policeman said, ambling up the road after his colleagues.

"Yes. Yes I will." Stephanie muttered, watching them leave.
"Who ... who are you?" She asked without turning round. "Should I call an ambulance?" The police vanished round the corner and Stephanie turned to look at the man in the bushes again. Again he met her eyes. "You've been shot. You're bleeding, let me help you."

"Back!" The man rasped. "I'm fine. Stay back." Stephanie nodded and backed off.

"You can't stay in there. I saw you shot. You need help or you'll die."

"You saw nothing." The man gasped. "Nothing at all. Go." He ducked back into the bushes when the number twelve bus crawled into sight. Stephanie hesitated. "Go!" The man growled and his voice made the hairs on Stephanie's neck bristle. She stumbled away and almost fell onto the bus.


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