Chapter 3

"She saw you?" Lew asked in disbelief.

"She interrupted me, hence this mess." Daniel said angrily. "The bastard shot me and the police heard it." The two men had scoured the area around the hospitals and morgue and found nothing. Daniel booted open the door to Nyx Mansion and marched into th hallway. "I have to find him."

"Well not now you won't. It's getting light out there." Lew followed Daniel upstairs. "Daniel ... shit!" Daniel had barged into his rooms, then threw Ruth out into the hallway.

"Why does everyone think I need sex after a shitty night?!" He roared. "Get out!" Ruth tutted loudly and scurried off downstairs. "Don't look at me like that Lew. I've had enough of tarts on demand." He threw himself into his armchair.

"About that girl Daniel. Don't you think she might want a few answers? What if she goes to the police?" Lew asked.

"She won't." Daniel answered flatly. "They wouldn't believe her anyway, and she knows it. She isn't important."

"Ok so she sees you hack Woods' throat out, right? So what happens when she sees reported sightings of him in the media? I'm sure the bureaucrats will bullshit the population as a whole, but she saw you standing over him covered in blood. Not only that but the fucker shoots you four times before her eyes and the night after, you wander up and have a conversation with her!" Lew threw up his arms.

"I stuffed up! Ok?" Daniel bellowed. "She interrupted me so I didn't finish what I'd started. What the hell do you want me to do about her?" Lew just shrugged. "Yes you do well to keep that thought to yourself." Daniel said darkly. "She's not important Lew, Woods is. He'll be resting up somewhere. He won't have a clue what's going on and he'll feel like shit."

"You think? He was only laid out on a mortuary slab with a mortician looming over him, skull saw in hand." Lew sighed.

"Like I said, he'll be resting up somewhere." Daniel continued. "He'll be confused and irrational until he feeds. I have to get to him before he kills someone."

"Once he realises what's happened to him, he'll be as functional as we are." Lew rubbed his eyes. "Only difference is, he's a nasty piece of shit. Damn it he'll wreak havoc."

"I know! I damned well know!" Daniel kicked the coal bucket and sent it flying. "We don't know where the arsehole is until he makes a move. I need every pair of eyes in the Mansion on lookout, Lew. No one is to approach him, that is absolutely vital. He'll be strong because I'm strong and I don't want my clan in danger. Damn the bastard."

"I'll sort it. Get in there and get some sleep." Lew ordered. Daniel nodded and trailed off to his room.


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