Stephanie just stared at the television in a dazed shock. The police were investigating the theft of Woody Woods' body from the hospital morgue! It had been stolen between the time it had been cleaned up and the time the doctors went to do the post mortem examination. Stephanie could pinpoint it a bit more accurately than that. The body had gone missing twenty minutes before the eight pm bus, Lew had said so. Her phone began ringing and Stephanie jumped in fright. It was Sally.

"Steph are you in trouble?" Sally said quickly.

"Huh? No. Why?" Stephanie felt the panic setting in but didn't know why, yet.

"Steph please don't fuck about! Are you in trouble? I can call our Mike and the lads in." Sally hissed.

"Your Mike?" Mike was a renowned thug and petty thief in the area, Sally's cousin. "Sal I'm not in any trouble. What's happened?" Stephanie held her breath.

"Two of the Woods gang are asking about you!" Sally said in terror. "Tommo and McShae! What the hell do that load of shit want with you?"

"I ... I ... I don't know!" Stephanie gulped. "Sal it can't be me! What the hell would a drip like me be doing involved with a drugs gang? Lemsips make me giddy!" She said hysterically.

"They described you right down to your split ends." Sally said. "The bouncer at Montego's only refused three people and one of them was a boy."

"Shit." Stephanie sobbed. "Sal don't tell ... Sal?" Sally's phone went dead. "Sal? Sally!" She redialled Sally's number, her hands shaking. "Sally!" Stephanie screamed down the phone. "Sal are you there? Oh Jesus."

"Bang bang." A voice laughed down the phone, then it went dead. Stephanie screamed and dropped her phone.

"Sally." She sobbed. "Shit what's happening?" She grabbed her phone off the floor and ran, terrified, from her flat.


Lew sprinted up the stairs towards Daniel's rooms and Daniel was awake and at the door before Lew reached it.

"Not Woods but one of his goons. Twenty year old girl with a bullet through her brain." Lew panted.

"Shit!" Daniel dragged on his shirt. "Is it her?"

"I don't know, but apparently the Woods gang has been asking about her." Lew hurried along beside Daniel.

"Damn it to hell!" Daniel shouted. "Of course they bloody have! She saw Woods shoot me, he'll want her out of the way."

"He might have got her out of the way." Lew said. "She should never have been left in the way." Daniel whirled round on Lew.

"I should have killed her? Is that what you're saying?"

"I'm saying it should have been contained." Lew said diplomatically.

"Ah right." Daniel nodded. "Pardon my stupidity, but I can only think of two ways of containing that. Killing her or bringing her over. Woods is the arsehole, Lew, not me." He barged out of Nyx Mansion.

It didn't take long to find the scene of the murder. The whole Montego Club had been sealed off and there were police everywhere, obviously. Daniel stood in the yard behind the club and looked up towards the roof, three stories above. He needed inside that building and he needed to see that body. Lew watched as Daniel scaled the drainpipes like a cat and vaulted himself over the guttering and on to the roof. He was very surprised when he was only up there for five minutes, before he leapt back down, landing on his feet back in the yard.

"It's not her."

"That was quick. Are you sure?" Lew asked.

"Very sure. She's behind you." Daniel said and Lew spun round. Stephanie was curled up behind a row of dustbins and she was shaking uncontrollably.

"Don't touch me!" She sobbed as the two men walked towards her. "I'll scream the whole fucking town down if you come any closer!"

"You'll shut the hell up." Daniel tossed the bins aside and dragged Stephanie to her feet. "Shh!" He pointed in her face and looked into her eyes. "No screaming. Ok?" Stephanie sobbed and nodded. "Did you know her?"

"She was my friend." Stephanie snivelled. "She phoned me to tell me the Woods gang were after me. This is all your fault, you shit-head!"

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