Daniel crept along the corridor on the attic floor of the Montego Club. If Woods had brought one scumbag over, then he'd bring another over, and another. It was like a power-fed addiction. The creation of a new life, of a powerful life, and of a life that was completely different to anything these people could comprehend. These goons of Woods' wouldn't be able to control the rush, the hunger, or the temptation to exercise their strength. They would have no need to. Woods himself would have no control and very little free will, for now, and he'd have no understanding of any of this. His goons would follow his example.

Daniel heard the rush of air before he felt it, and rolled forward reflexively. The mottle-skinned figure of a man loomed infront of him when he turned round, but it wasn't Woods. He had a gaping four inch wound in the front of his throat where Woods had fed off him, then let him live. Woods' own wound, caused by Daniel, would have all but healed by now. What was more disturbing to Daniel about this creature was it's blood-smeared jaws and face. This one had also fed and most likely had let his victim live too. The grisly body lunged forward and grabbed for Daniel with one hand, while drawing a knife with the other.

"Stephanie." The hulking figure gurgled.

"What?" Daniel pulled the figure's knife arm off completely.


"St ... Ah right." The penny dropped. This idiot didn't know where he was, let alone who Daniel was. He'd been ordered to kill the girl and his present, rather revolting state, would only allow one thought at a time, for now. So she was called Stephanie. Daniel plunged the knife, still clutched in the hand of the detached arm, straight into the brain of the creature, straight between it's eyes.

Daniel spun round when he heard a noise on the stairs.

"Matt!" One of his own clan.

"Four dead downstairs. They're bringing each other over in droves Daniel, and every one of them is after the girl." Matt said, wiping the blood from his own knife.

"The girl's safe. Come on." Daniel hurried down the stairs.

"Daniel it's getting light." Matt said, following him.

"Yes I know. Shit there's no one left." Daniel looked desperately at the floor beneath them. Every person, thug, staff or police, was either unconscious, waking up, or lurching around. Every one of them was horrible maimed with throat wounds.

"Daniel!" Lew appeared on the opposite side of the bloodbath, but on the same floor as Daniel. "Woods isn't here. We've been all over the place."

"Damn!" Daniel cursed. "Out Lew! We have to get out!" He waved towards the roof.

"We could burn the place." Matt said, climbing through the skylight. "The ones that do get out will be caught in the daylight."

"We can't Matt. The neighbouring buildings will catch too. The people out there will take any fleers to a hospital. We don't want the fuckers taking over another building. There's Lew." Lew was just pulling himself out of another roof window.

"Why aren't they following us?" Lew came over to Daniel and Matt.

"They don't know how to yet." Daniel walked over to the edge of the roof. "All they know is how to feed and how to look for Stephanie. Bastards." He jumped from the roof, noiselessly.

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