Chapter 4

Daniel sat in the front hall of Nyx Mansion with his clan. Forty or so men and women all tired and weary and suffering from the day's rising temperature, despite the heavily shuttered windows.

"Around fifty in all." Lew referred to the new, and much more dangerous clan of Woody Woods. "They're confined to the Club just now, mainly because they aren't strong enough or developed enough to get out of it. Vegetables." He told the clan. "They'll be alot more organised by nightfall, and obviously they'll be able to leave the place then."

"Woods himself will have worked out what's happened to him." Daniel stood up. "And he'll also know that it was me who made it happen. Once he discovers I've killed half a dozen of his clan, he'll know I'm not very impressed with the situation. He'll want me before I get him."

"And the rest of them?" A man called Nicholas asked.

"Woods will have his select shitbags with him, just like he did before." Daniel frowned. "The bloody idiot doesn't know what he's done. Those poor bastards in that club have been abandoned to live on their own. They have no clan, and no guidance simply because Woods is incapable of giving it. If they aren't killed they'll instinctively start butchering the population just to feed. Because of their weak and reflexive state, their victims will live too. What the fuck have I done." Daniel sat down and help his head in his hands.

"Woods won't just be after you, will he Daniel?" Daniel turned round when he heard Rachael's voice. She was standing on the upstairs balcony with Stephanie. The rest of the clan murmured in surprise and confusion.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I need every clan member in full force, I'd snap your neck before you got down those stairs." Daniel glowered dangerously at Rachael. "And if you've touched her, even that won't stop me."
He walked up the stairs and Rachael backed off a few feet from Stephanie. Stephanie was just blinking at Daniel in numb shock. "You know what I am, don't you?" He said quietly and Stephanie nodded. Daniel let out a roar and backhanded Rachael across the face.
"I should kill you for this!" He snarled. Rachel scurried back into the wall under the flashing rage in Daniel's eyes. "Go to Zach and stay there." He glowered at the stunned woman.
"Stephanie." Daniel held out his hand and turned away from Rachael. Stephanie took Daniel's hand as though she was in a trance. "You all know who this is." He addressed the clan from the balcony. "She's an innocent caught up in all this. It's my fault she's in danger and she's under my protection." He looked round the others below him. They were shocked at the sight of Stephanie and more than a little unnerved at the potential risk she represented. "I know it's added to the unease you all feel, I didn't want that." Daniel cast a swift glance at Rachael, who was now at the foot of the stairs with Zach. "It was a worry I could have dealt with alone, until this mess is cleared up."

"She's staying here?" Nicholas blurted.

"If she doesn't, Woods will kill her." Daniel replied.

"But she's human!" A woman called Rosemary shouted. "Not only will we have the Woods clan here but we'll have a mob of humans too!" Daniel noticed Rachael nodding in agreement too.

"They can't get here." Lew said loudly. "No humans can get here unless they're brought here by one of us."

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