"Yes and that's due to Daniel's strength. How the hell can his strength maintain our safety as well as all the other distractions?"

"He's managed pretty bloody well up to now Enos! Shut up, you old fool." Ruth shouted.

"He's never had a rival, mindless clan and a mob of humans up to now, bitch!" Enos shouted back. "He'll have to take her somewhere else."

"Is that all the support you give him?" The hall fell silent in a split second at the sound of Stephanie's voice. "He's protecting forty adult people, he's keeping this place fortified, he's protecting the innocent population out there, and he's protecting me. How about bloody well helping him instead of bitching?" She shouted. "You! Anus or whatever it is you're called! Take me somewhere else eh? So you'd see him leave the safety of this place, on his own, to face a clan of mindless monsters? After all he's done for you?"

"You go girl!" Ruth whooped. "Anus! Ha!"

"She's right." Lew interrupted. "Where would any of us be if it wasn't for Daniel, and Nyx Mansion? Wandering around aimlessly in twos and threes, killing and feeding without structure! This clan has lasted two hundred years because of the way we run ourselves. None of that would be possible without Daniel. Of course there's a chance that humans would try and look for the girl but the chances of them finding Nyx Mansion are very, very low. On the other hand, the chances of Woods killing her out there are certain. We aren't the arseholes, Woods is."

"Would she be able to bring anyone here after she leaves?" Nicholas asked.

"I doubt it. Daniel?" Lew looked up at the balcony.

"A human has never been able to locate Nyx Mansion so I doubt one could relocate it." Daniel turned to Stephanie. "Would you even try?"

"No. Not now I know the risks involved." Stephanie answered. "I'd miss you though."

"What?" Daniel said in surprise. "Stephanie I don't think you're thinking straight now that the suggestion's worn off. We aren't just another gang remember?"

"Yes I know." Stephanie nodded. "Would it be possible for me to stay here with you?"

"No." Daniel sighed. "And you wouldn't want to." He turned round to face his clan. "Please trust me." He said clearly. "I made a mistake with Woods, I'm not perfect. I am aware of my strengths and my abilities though. Even if you don't agree with the girl being here, at least trust me and tolerate her. You have no reasons to mistrust me, I've never given you any cause to. Lew!" Daniel grabbed Stephanie's hand and strode off to his rooms, Stephanie trotting behind him.

"You should throw that baggage out on her arse." Lew closed the door behind them. "Rachael I mean, not you kid." He nodded to where Stephanie was gaping round the luxurious room trying to look at everything at once.

"She's scared Lew, that's all." Daniel sat down and frowned into the fire. "I can't afford rabble-rousing though. Not by her and not by Enos. She's a minimal risk to us here, very minimal." He nodded at Stephanie who nodded back. "I should thank you too Stephanie. That was a very supportive speech you gave out there."

"Well they were being a bunch of wet-nosed fannies, not to mention ungrateful. Do you wipe their arses for them all the time?" Lew sniggered and Daniel looked from Stephanie, to him, in bewilderment.

"Stephanie you're taking this all rather calmly." Daniel said. "I asked you earlier if you knew what I was, but you were under suggestion, mine and Rachael's. I'll ask you again. Do you know what I am? What we all are here?" Daniel glanced at Lew.

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