"Lew!" Daniel ran for the stairs. "Lew! Get everyone out!"

"Get ... eh?" Lew finished off his mindless corpse with a dart through it's head. "Get them out?"

"Not this lot! Our lot! Get them up here. Hurry up Lew! They're developing intelligence." Daniel ran off to round up the others, Lew did the same.

"We're leaving?" Ruth wiped blood from her forehead and re-sheathed two daggers into her waist-belt. "We can't just leave them Daniel!"

"We can't fight them like this Ruth, there are too many of them and they're developing recognition." Daniel said. "Up! Get the others to the roof." Ruth nodded and also ran off to collect the rest of the clan.

"All twenty accounted for." Lew said in relief.

"Brilliant." Daniel lifted a heavy, metal filing cabinet and hurled it over the bannister.

"Umm ... so we chuck things at them. I see." Lew shook his head and grabbed a desk.

"No not at them, at the floor. Crack the floor Lew." Daniel threw another cabinet as hard as he could over the balcony. When Daniel and Lew used their full strength, it really was hard too.

"Ah. I think I'm with you now." Lew hurled a chair and a few hefty plant pots. Soon sparks and crackles began to flash among the walking corpses. "Smash as much floor as you can!" Lew looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

"That'll have to do, Lew." Daniel kicked out at a bloated, mottled woman who was lurching up the stairs, sending her tumbling back down them. "Come on, they're sensing us." He wedged a bookcase and a desk across the stairs, then ran after Lew. "You ready?" Lew nodded and Daniel rammed his fist into the emergency fire alarm. Loud, deafening bells started ringing and a few minutes later, the sprinkler system kicked in. Daniel and Lew ran for the attic floor and pops, cracks, flashes and the stench of melting flesh drifted up after them.

"Jump!" Lew shouted from the skylight to the others. "Go on! Clear it! The whole building's going to be live. Jump!" He and Daniel jumped and ran with the clan into the dark night. Shadows blending with shadows, noiseless and seamless.

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