Chapter 5

"Is anyone hurt?" Daniel gasped for breath as he pushed the doors of Nyx Mansion closed.

"Scratches and bruises." Lew said and Ruth nodded in agreement. "You think we got them all?"

"I've no idea." Daniel flopped onto a couch. "Poor bastards. Two days ago they were ordinary people with ordinary lives."

"Yes but they weren't tonight. Stop it Daniel." Lew said. "Shit, if ever there was a reason to believe in miracles, then that was it."

"Daniel!" Enos came charging down the stairs. "Daniel it's Zach. He's Dying."

"What?" Daniel sprang to his feet and ran for the stairs, Lew close behind him.

"That fucking bitch Daniel! You should have ripped her throat out!" Enos said angrily.

"S ... Stephanie?" Daniel blinked in astonishment.

"Rachael! The slut just let Woods kill him. The bitch!"

"Shit! Woods got here? How? Damn and blast it!" Daniel pushed Enos out of the way and barged into Zach's room. "Oh fuck." Zach was lying on a couch with the left side of his throat torn out.

"Dan ..."

"Shh. It's ok Zach." Daniel knelt on the floor beside Zach.

"No. no it's not." Zach gurgled.

"Bastard! Yes it is!" Daniel tore at his shirt sleeve with his teeth, then at his own wrist with his teeth.

"We've tried, Daniel" Enos said. "Those who were here have tried that." Daniel ignored him and pushed his bleeding wrist against Zach's mouth.

"Drink damn you!" He shouted. "Zach, please!"

"I'm sorry." Zach's body went limp and his eyes glassed over.

"No!" Daniel roared. "How the fuck did that happen? How did that bastard get here? How, Enos?" His eyes burned with sheer rage.

"Rachael brought him." Enos backed away a few steps. "She brought him to the girl, Daniel. Rachael wanted her out and Woods wanted her as bait for you."

"I'll kill her." Daniel snarled. "And him. And anyone else who gets in my way."

"Zach almost slapped her head off Daniel, he was furious." Enos told him. "He ran straight to Stephanie to get her out of Woods' way. He had no chance, there was six of them. We didn't know a thing until Zach reeled out of here and toppled down the stairs. Woods, Rachael, and Stephanie had gone by then."

"How did she know where to find Woods?" Daniel demanded. "I didn't know where to find the shitbag, let alone a bitch like Rachael!"

"Matter of common sense." Enos said. "Woods didn't know Stephanie had come to you. He's made his base in Stephanie's flat, where he went looking for her."

"For fuck's sake!" Daniel screamed. "And that bitch reasoned that out before any of us?! Was anyone else involved in this Enos?" Daniel glowered at Enos and took a step towards him. "Believe me, I'll find out anyway. If you know anything, cough up and save your own life."

"No. I swear it, Daniel." Enos said seriously. "If anyone else was involved they'd have gone with Woods rather than wait here to be snapped in two by you." Daniel marched towards the door and Enos looked at Lew.

"Hey! Don't even think it." Lew caught Daniel's arm. "You'll fry in this heat, you bloody psycho." Daniel whirled round and glared at Lew. "Nah! Won't work. Don't force it Daniel. Trust me, I'll fight you if you try to leave the house."

"That fucker has Stephanie!" Daniel bellowed.

"And he'll be as restricted as you are right now." Lew argued. "He won't harm her Daniel, that's the whole point of this shit. Calm the hell down or I'll put my foot up your arse." Lew snapped. Daniel stood and seethed. "Enos, cover Zach's body please. We'll tend to him later. You, in there." He prodded Daniel towards his rooms and Daniel stormed off. "Enos? For shit's sake don't disturb him unless it's absolutely vital. Ok? He's liable to lash out at anyone who pisses him off right now."

"Lew?" Enos called Lew back. "Look don't take this the wrong way, but is going after the girl a wise move? Woods is forcing Daniel out of his own territory, away from us. Wouldn't it be better to ... to ..."

"Let Woods have her then wait for him to come storming in here?" Lew finished. "You'd be rather foolish to suggest that to Daniel."

"Yes I know, that's why I didn't. I just don't understand how she's reached a position where she can be used as leverage like this. A human, for shit's sake Lew!"

"It makes me so very sad to hear that, Enos." Lew sighed. "Not from you in particular. It makes me sad that we all forget. We've forgotten the good along with the shit of humanity. We've forgotten so effectively that we don't recognise it when we see it, especially in one of our own."

"Recognise what?" Enos asked in confusion.

"He loves her, Enos." Lew shrugged and followed on towards Daniel's rooms, leaving Enos rooted to the spot.

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