Chapter 7

Andrea was discharged after three weeks and her mum moved into her flat with her until she recovered. James and Stevie had told her the score regarding the most fantastic man that Andrea had ever met. Despite these warts, she knew she couldn't reject him. To her, he'd always be James, her geeky librarian. Andrea loved her mum, and loved to see her, but she was pleased to have her little flat back to herself. She had it to herself for a whole twenty minutes before Stevie turned up.

"I got two hours overtime in this week." Stevie announced. "I've not seen anybugger for eight whole days and it's great!"

"You lie, Stevie Steel. You went for a pint with Gaz the other night." Andrea laughed.

"Well yes." Stevie conceded. "Just an ordinary pint though. No drama and no bitching. I expected them all to go boohooing to Billy Frost but Gaz reckons not. Oh well, stuff them." Stevie shrugged his shoulders.

"Pisser for Heather then eh?" Andrea smirked. "I'm going to the Feather and Cap later with James. You coming?"

"Nah. There's a program on telly I want to watch. Oh speak of the devil." Stevie opened the door for James. "Mr. Carling."

"Mr. Steel. You coming for a pint?" James asked.

"Andrea's just asked me. No I'm OK."

"Her behind the bar was asking about you last time I was in." James said.

"Oh? What's she like?" Stevie got interested.

"Single, but for a good reason. And she's fifty two." James guffawed a laugh.

"Arse." Stevie grumbled. "You not got any sisters?"

"Yes. Five and you're not getting near any of them." James kissed Andrea and handed her her jacket. Stevie looked like he'd gone into labour.

"What did you say? Five sisters? Five?"

"None for you."

"Aw! Why? You've got mine and I only have one! Five! Is there one my age?" Stevie badgered.

"Come on Andrea. Close the door when you go out Stevie." James steered Andrea through the door with a big smirk on his face.

"Eighteen up! Any one will do!" Stevie shouted after them and they laughed and waited for him to catch them up.

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