“Phone for a pizza.” Baillie laughed and handed Andy her phone.

“Later.” Andy shoved the phone behind the sofa cushions and put both arms round Baillie. “When was the last time I told you how gorgeous you are?”

“This morning when you woke up randy.”

“Ah yes I remember. Well you're still gorgeous. You're gorgeous even when I'm not randy.” Andy grinned.

“That doesn't narrow it down a lot. You dirty nerd.” Baillie smiled and kissed her fantastic boyfriend.

“What a combo though eh? Great sex and I'll fix your computer too.” Andy set about the first part of the combo.

Three hours later and Any was rattling away on Baillie's computer, with a slice of pizza in his mouth.

“I've done all that. I ran all the scans.” Baillie sat next to Andy, infront of one of the other computers. “The others weren't on and I wasn't online.” All the computers were linked and networked.

“No nasties in it anyway.” Andy finished his own scans then started Baillies art programs. “Just these running?” Baillie nodded.

“Well hell. It's working now eh? It must be scared of you.” Baillie asid in exasperation.

“It could be overheating. I'll replace the fans in it tomorrow.” Andy stood up and headed for the bedroom. “I'll throw one of the laptops together for you to use.” Two of the other desktop computers were used for Andy's work, so obviously Baillie never touched those. The other one was Andy's own computer and it had so many applications, programs, scripts and experiments running on it that Baillie didn't touch that one either for fear of bothering any of them. “This should tie you over until I get that sorted out.” Andy began networking the laptop to the array too. “I was messing about with IANAN today.”

“The company had IANAN on their systems?” Baillie asked, doubtfully.

“No I have it on the external drive there.” Andy's portable harddrive. “I had a few hours where I couldn't do anything because of the staff using the systems. I found a spare computer to hermit away with. I was hoping to find a decent voice synthesizer for it. It sounds like Metal Mickey just now.” IANAN was Andy's most favourite hobby, apart from Baillie. IANAN stood for I Am Not A Number, of The Prisoner renown, and it was an extremely impressive interactive system, the ins and outs of which, Baillie would never be able to understand. She'd had a few goes on it though, in text form only, and had been astonished at the level of communication she'd had with it. Andy had used a lot of his own predicted answers and reactions to various questions and comments, and had use a lot of Baillie's too. Baillie and IANAN had even talked about rock music and shoes! “Here listen.” Andy finished up with the laptop and started up his own computer, next to Baillie's.

“You are late.” The metallic voice sounded through the speakers and Baillie laughed.

“Ha! Well I do have a life away from the computer, IANAN.” Andy smiled proudly at his creation.

“I understand.” IANAN monotoned. “I do not like it, but I understand.” Baillie burst out laughing at Andy's face.

“Well aren't you getting opinionated?” Andy laughed.

“I learn.”

“You run. It's different. I have a folder full of data to imput into you.” Andy told the computer.

“Thankyou, Andy.”

“I'll leave it running, it'll take a few hours and it's past midnight.” Andy started the upload. “Hey you know how gorgeous you were earlier?” He leant forward and put his elbows on Baillie's knees.

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