Chapter 3


Andy sat in the small, cluttered office he shared with Steve, and put his feet on the desk. Steve was tutting and snorting and was just generally irritated. Andy could work on systems round other people using them, if he really needed to. Steve struggled to do this. He'd decided to go to the steelworks after the day staff had all gone, and work during the night.

“Here, make yourself useful and help me rip this to bits.” Andy tossed a disc over to Steve.

“IANAN? Why what's up with it?” Steve loaded up the disc.

“Good afternoon, Stephen.” IANAN greeted him.

“Ha! God I love this thing. Hello IANAN, how are you today?”

“Any better and I would be unable to stand it.” IANAN's metallic voice replies, Steve burst out laughing and Andy smiled.

“Man you really are a genius. You're wasting your time pissing around doing stuff for other companies.”

“Well I need the stability, Steve. I have a mortgage to think of and Baillie's income won't cover that on it's own.” Andy shrugged.

“How is she anyway? I've not seen her for a while.” Steve lit a cigarette.

“She's great.” Andy smiled proudly. “She's just finishing an art job for a magazine. She's a good graphics artist and she'll get a break soon and storm the place.”

“She does that anyway, you lucky bastard.” Steve tutted. “How'd you get a stunner like Baillie Flint anyway? You're a bigger geek than the rest of us put together!” Steve referred to the gang that Baillie had labelled The Nerd Herd, obviously in a friendly way. They'd all gone through school and university together and the rest of the Herd had almost collapsed en masse when Andy turned up at the pub with Baillie Flint! Andy grinned smugly at Steve. “Come on! Did you blackmail her or something? Bribe her? Drug her?”

“Don't be a tit.” Andy laughed. “She said I was adorable, so have it. She still says I'm adorable.”

“Um ... well no you are not!” Steve insisted.

“I'm pleased to hear it, coming from you.” Andy smirked. “I don't know really. I was as surprised as anyone! I just got talking to her one day in the library. She was using the computer in there for her exams. I think it was the way she started swearing at it that attracted my attention.”

“So you blinded her with dazzling geekiness?”

“I certainly did.” Andy said smugly. “Blind is a good word to use actually. I'd decided that my specs were uber-geeky so I'd got those blasted contact lenses. Hell I hated those things. I've never loved her more than I did when she said 'hey, what happened to your glasses? I like boys in glasses.'” He laughed. “Mind you, I was blinking at her like a pillock. I probably looked like a constipated tree frog. Stop bitching, anyway! You got Stacy Hoyle.”

“Oh and that makes it all al right eh?” Steve pulled a face. “I didn't get Stacy Hoyle, I had her forced on me when everyone else pissed off to play dungeons and dragons and left me with her.”

“I didn't. I was still there.” Andy pointed out.

“Yes with Baillie draped all over you! You git. Why couldn't you get Stacy Hoyle?”

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