“High Risk.” IANAN stated. “You will stay here, Stephen.” Both men jumped a foot in the air when Andy's phone rang.

“Andy!” Baillie screamed. “Andy it's Steve!”

“Steve? What's Steve?” Andy shrieked back.

“Steve was the one sending me all that shit Andy! He's just threatened me!” Baillie sobbed.

“Baillie calm down! Calm down, Tids, please?” Andy's hands were shaking. “What's happened?”

“I've got six emails from Steve, Andy! He said he's going to find me when I'm on my own, rape me, slit my throat and rape me again.”

“Jesus.” Andy almost dropped the phone and Steve had gone white. “Baillie, when did you get these emails?”

“Just now! I was ploughing through the junk, then they all arrived one after the other. One at 13:04, 13:06, 13:07, 13:07 again ...”

“Yes OK Tids, calm down. OK? I'm calling the police. Steve is here with me, Baillie, he has been all afternoon.”

“W ... what?” Baillie gulped.

“He's sitting here in shock. He almost fainted when he heard you. Baillie it isn't Steve doing this. He's never moved and I can see everything he types on his computer.” Andy said gently.

“It's Steve's address, Andy. I've used it before and I recognised it.” Baillie sobbed.

“He's logging into his account right now.” Andy nodded at Steve. “I can see his screen and it says his last login was yesterday at 9:14 am from this computer. He can't have logged in from anywhere else because he's sitting five feet from me."

“Call the police Andy. I'm bloody terrified!” Baillie cried.

“Straight away. Stay where you are, Tiddler, lock the door.” Baillie squeaked her agreement and hung up.

“Shit.” Steve was almost crying too. “Nothing, Andy. There's no outgoing messages at all. Christ, Andy, you have to convince her that that wasn't me. For shit's sake.”

“She knows it wasn't, Steve.” Andy called the police and explained the situation. “The owner of the account is sitting right here with me, he has been all day. No outgoing messages and he's rifling through the configurations and caches right now.” Andy pressed his throbbing temple with his fingers. “Yes we do. We're both systems analyst programmers, so I'm sure he knows. Look could you send someone to my house, please? My girlfriend is absolutely terrified in there and she's by herself. Thankyou.” Andy put down his phone. “They're on their way here and they're sending someone to Baillie.”

“There isn't a bloody thing here, Andy.” Steve said. “OK IANAN, you win. I'll stay here, I've no choice. I can't hurt Baillie. Either the police, or Andy will be with her soon.”

“Are you nuts?” Andy blinked at his friend and colleague.

“Low Risk.” IANAN acknowledged. “Data processed. I learn.”

“Just ... just close it down, Steve. It's knackered and I can't fix it now.”

“Andy, it tried to get me arrested! I still might, yet!” Steve babbled.

“For shit's sake, Steve, listen to yourself! The program is screwed. OK? It's crashing and looping like hell and it's input/output paths are buggered completely.” Andy grabbed the disc and exited IANAN. By the time the police arrived, he'd uninstalled it completely.

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