Chapter 2


Andy sat with his arm round Baillie. The police had come and gone and taken a hard copy of the emails with them. Andy had ransacked the computers while the police were there to see if he could trace the emails, but he couldn't. The police had also lifted Steve's office computer, just to be on the safe side. The fact that Andy stood up for Steve by telling the police they were in the same room, coupled with the fact that Baillie was Andy's girlfriend, was the only reason they hadn't lifted Steve. Baillie was now on the phone to him.

“I'm so sorry Steve. If I hadn't phoned Andy first, and just phoned the police, they'd have arrested you. I'm really sorry.” Baillie snivelled.

“I've told you, stop that. The most important thing to me is that you're OK and that you believe I'd never send you stuff like that, ever.” Steve said seriously.

"Of course I believe that.” Baillie said. “Steve, someone's got it in for us really bad. Andy's looking for normal explanations for everything but someone's out to get us. That's how the police see it too.”

“So they should. Tell that big nerd to stay with you, sod the contracts. He thinks I'm useless, you know.” Steve said aloofly and made Baillie smile. “Go get your graphics finished. I've heard they're very good.”

“I will. Thanks Steve.” Baillie hung up then looked at Andy. “Will you start the computer for me?”

“You bet.” Andy nodded. “I'll kick it's peripherals off if it starts any funny stuff.” He kissed Baillie and started up the computer, and her editors. “I'm going to drown myself in the bath for an hour.” Andy left Baillie to her graphics. He closed the bathroom door, started the taps running, then called Steve.

"Don't panic. Nothing's wrong. Steve do you think IANAN sent Baillie those emails?” Andy asked bluntly.

“You bet your balls I do. Where the hell is it getting it's input? I'm bloody sure you didn't include rape and throat slitting in it's vocabulary.”

“No, obviously not.” Andy sighed. “Steve I need to reconfigure it completely. I need to isolate the data that was done by me, then junk the rest.”

“I'm with you. I'd do exactly the same. Change the passcodes on all six databases too, Andy. I have eight passcodes in total. Change them.” Steve said.

“I feel a right bastard, Steve. I know you've helped a great deal on IANAN. I don't want anyone finding your identity on the control panel of a program used to harass Baillie, especially seeing as your name and email address was actually on those emails.” Andy sighed wearily.

“I'm with you totally. Change them all, Andy. Comb it over for outgoing email capabilities too.” Steve said.

“They can't be linked, Steve.” Andy said in bewilderment. “IANAN simply does not have the framework to send emails. The smutty text and those emails have to be separate.”

“Oh get off, Andy. Your girlfriend gets obscene correspondence twice in two days and you say they're separate? What about that bank shite? Apart from you and Baillie, the only other thing all that has in common is a computer.” Steve said stubbornly.

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