Chapter 5


Andy and Baillie both sat in the bank manager's office feeling very tired and worried. They'd filled out a million forms to change a million details and also to start the ball rolling with the fraud squad with regards to getting their money back.

“Digital Visa transaction.” Ms Dawn Patterson, manageress, told them. “It seems another identity was added to your joint account.”

“Well how could it have been?” Andy asked. “You'd need mine and Baillie's permission to do that.”

“That's right. Our technicians and the police are out in full force, Mr. Gallagher.” Ms Patterson looked as worried as Baillie and Andy did. D.I Paul Gracey of the C.I.D interrupted them to tell Ms Patterson that they'd need to take down the bank's systems. The woman looked highly distressed at this prospect.

“I gather you're in computers yourself, Mr. Gallagher?” The officer asked and Andy nodded. “We have the lowlife's tradename, sir. Some upstart called Ian.” Andy crushed Baillie's hand when she looked like she was going to yell out loud.

“Er .. Inspector Gracey?” Ms Patterson blinked a few times then tuned the monitor of the office computer around.

“I love you Baillie – IANAN.”

“Jesus Christ.” Andy muttered. “I told you someone was harassing my girlfriend, Inspector.” Baillie had gone white.

“OK. These systems will be taken down within the hour.” D.I Gracey barked. “I presume you're staying home with her?” He asked Andy.

“Of course I am.” Andy seethed. “I also have your assurance that I can call you out to my house if I need to.” The policeman nodded. “Thank you. Do you need us for anything else? I'd like to get Baillie home.”

“No, that's fine Mr. Gallagher. We'll sort this out, Miss Flint, don't worry.”

Andy almost dragged Baillie off her feet and out of the bank.

“How did it get on the bank's computers?” Baillie warbled.

“Buggered if I know. I'm going to completely reformat all the computers at home. I have no bloody idea what's going on.” Andy said in panic.

“A ... Andy?” Baillie had her phone in her hand. Andy grabbed it and read the text she'd just received.

“Let me love you Baillie. Come to me – IANAN.”

“Andy I'm scared.” Baillie felt her knees starting to buckle.

“I'll keep your phone. I'll get you another one once i've sorted the computers.” Andy pulled the car up outside the offices.

“Andy! I've been trying to get you for over an hour!” Steve jumped to his feet and darted over to Andy's computer. “Oh. Hello Baillie.” He glanced at Baillie, then back to Andy.

“What?” Baillie said warily. Steve shook his head slightly at Andy. “Steve, what's going on?”

“Baillie I have to see Andy, doll. Please?” Steve said awkwardly.

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