“Don't worry. We'll get IANAN off the main computers, the ones it was installed fully on. Once we do that, it won't can send out. Whoever's getting into it won't have anything to get into.” Steve smiled and left the office.

“You think it's hackers?” Baillie asked.

“It has to be. Bloody good and organised ones too. Arseholes.” Andy said, rebooting the computer.

“I don't know much about all that, but would they be able to text me on my phone and email me from a non-existent address?”

“It must be able to!” Andy snapped. “I'm sorry! Tiddler, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout at you.” Andy took off his glasses to rub his tired eyes. “IANAN is a program, Baillie. It can't do things by itself. It can't, baby. OK?” Baillie nodded. Andy put his arms round his terrified girlfriend. “I'll take it out of everywhere, I promise. It'll never get reinstalled because I'll destroy the hard copies. It's been ripped wide open and it's obviously just sitting there waiting to be abused by arseholes.” Baillie snivelled into Andy's jacket. “Go get de-snotted, we're going home.” He smiled and Baillie went to wash her face. Andy took Baillie's phone to read the texts while she was out of the room.

“Do not delete IANAN.”

“I will replace Andy.”

“I have outgrown Andy.”

“I will find a way for us.”

“I love you Baillie.”

“Cannot delete IANAN.”

“Want to bet?” Andy pressed Delete all Messages on the phone.

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