Chapter 6


Back at the flat, Andy ignored the computers completely. He had a terrified girlfriend who was shaking and as white as a sheet. This actually scared Andy as much as the rest of the weird shit going on. He struggled to recall anything that had actually scared Baillie in all the time he'd known her. Pissed her off, maybe, made her angry or fed up, but scared? Never. Andy had only ever seen her cry in panic and fright once. That had been when Andy's mum had been rushed to hospital with a heart attack from Andy and Baillie's flat and there'd only been Baillie there. Baillie was definitely the calm and collected one. Andy often got stressed over next to nothing. He handed Baillie a mug of tea and sat on the sofa next to her.

“Vicious swines eh?” Andy snorted at in the direction of the computers. “I'm going to beat the crap into all of them.” He sniffed and Baillie smiled. “Hey I might not be able to tackle muscle bound thugs but I can kick the shit into anything computerised.”

“You bet.” Baillie kissed him. “You need me for anything? I'll go and lie down if you don't.”

“You do right, you look wrecked.” Andy stroked Baillie's cheek with his thumb. “I hate computers, don't you?”

“Can't stick the bloody things.” Baillie wandered off to the bedroom.

“Right, you set of shits.” Andy advanced on the computers. He simply threw Baillie's entire harddrive onto disc, checked the disc on another machine for anything vaguely self transferable or IANANish, the deleted the whole drive. Andy's two work computers were dealt with in the same manner quite easily. “Now then, you sod.” He snarled at his own computer.

“Good evening Andy.” IANAN said in voice mode. Andy grimaced and turned the volume down. “I am still waiting for my voice synthesizer.”

“Bit of bad luck for you then eh?” Andy muttered. “Recall all image files.”

“I see you approved.”

“Like hell I did. Recall all image files.” Andy repeated. Eight folders appeared, each containing eight images each. “Reverse paths.”

“No path.”

“So where the hell did you get them and how?” Andy growled. The monitor screen began to lose resolution and the folder graphics began to fade. Another image began to gradually fade in and Andy knew what it was even before it reached it's crystal clear end state. It was Andy, sitting exactly where he was now.

“Image capture complete.” The screen blinked back to it's original state and Andy's picture was added to the rest, in a new folder. IANAN had used the whole monitor as an imaging device. Andy grabbed the mouse, deleted the folders, the rattled the keys to cause a dozen boxes to pop up. He disabled the ability to create new folders. “You will not win, Andy.”

“Oh yes I will. This C drive is history once I get the data backups I want on disc.” Andy heard one of the other drives whirring and looked up sharply.

“Burning complete.”

“Screw you.” Andy cursed. IANAN was controlling the DVD and the CD drives. “So I'll delete the bloody lot without backups, you sack of shit.”

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