Chapter 2

"So you think those new tablets are helping, yeah?" Dean sat on the edge of Simon Frost's bed. "You do look a hell of a lot better."

"I don't feel too bad." Simon smiled nervously at Dean. "And I managed to sit still for a whole hour this morning." He laughed uncertainly.

"Nice to see you laughing." Dean smiled and stood up. "I'll leave you to your book and catch up with you later." He left the four bed ward and wondered if Dr. Fallon was following him around. She'd been everywhere Dean had all morning.

"He's doing well." Marie referred to Simon.

"He is." Dean agreed. "I'm pleased we stopped the beta blockers, he just didn't need them." Dean looked at his notes and Marie waited for the sigh. "Again?" Dean sighed and looked at his senior. Dean flared his nostrils and hoped Marie wouldn't see it as too unprofessional.

"Want me to go and see him?" Marie did see the nostrils, and understood.

"Where is he?"

"Room Four." Marie nodded up the corridor and Dean headed off in that direction. He scowled when he opened the door and the reek of stale beer and urine hit him. The curtains were drawn and Trevor Park was lying on his back, fully dressed, snoring like a wounded bison. Dean flung the curtains open and opened the window too.

"'Assat? Wha'?" Trevor dragged his eyelids open, then groaned as the light hit him.

"Morning Trevor! Good night?" Dean said loudly, looking at Trevor's notes.

"Hellish bad day yesterday, Dr. Hawthorne." Trevor mumbled. "I didn't know if I was coming or going, and the panic!"

"I see." Dean said professionally. "Nurse Bently?" Tanya Bently only winced slightly at the awful smell. "Can you contact reception and have them make an appointment for Mr. Park with his GP, please?" Trevor kept having 'panic lapses' whenever this was suggested in the past. Tanya nodded and gratefully left the room. "Would you like us to call you a taxi, Trevor?"

"Huh? I feel terrible!" Trevor exclaimed.

"Yes, it's a hangover. I had one at the weekend." Dean wrote on Trevor's notes.

"What about the vitamin things?" Trevor objected.

"You don't need them Trevor." Dean sighed. "If your GP thinks you need hospital treatment then he'll refer you to us by the proper channels."

"So you're refusing to treat me?" Trevor said nastily.

"No, that would be illegal." Dean said patiently. "Until I know what I'm treating, if anything, then I can't treat you. Your original referral was three years ago, Trevor. You were treated and discharged. Your GP is your first contact. Without his referral I can't help you."

"Oh I see how it is." Trevor stumbled out of bed, wafting another wave of aroma round the room. "Turning an ill man out on the streets. Call yourself a doctor? You're a quack, you arsehole."

"Make sure you keep that appointment Trevor." Dean closed the door after himself. "Tanya give him an hour at the most to get his act together. Don't tackle him yourself if he starts, page me. Oh and that bed's sodden. You shouldn't have to do that, I know."

"It's fine. We'll just let him stew in it until he's ready to wander off. Eleven o clock opening time isn't it?" Tanya rolled her eyes.

"Do you think he'll go to his GP?" Marie asked.

"If they allow him in drunk, yes." Dean answered. "He needs to know that this isn't a drop-in centre. I'm surprised Stan admitted him again." Dean turned round when he realised he was talking to himself. Marie was standing ten feet behind him, looking at him with her arms folded. "Er ... have I missed something?"

"You planning on taking the Advanced band qualification?" Marie asked suddenly.

"Well I've just taken the G band." Dean answered in confusion. "But yes, I will be. Next year it'll be."

"Case study analysis. I think you can handle a big one." Marie mused.

"Thankyou. I'll try not to let you down." Dean was even more bemused.

"Come with me." Marie set off towards the offices that were situated in the center of the ward.

"Now? I mean, you want me to start a case study now?" Dean asked in surprise.

"You could take a look at it." Marie unlocked the office door. "It's not one I'd usually recommend to G graduates, but you're special. If you think it's going to be too much, then that's fine. We have until next year to find another one." Marie nodded towards a green painted filing cabinet.

"Ok." Dean walked over to it. "Which drawer?"

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