Chapter 3


Home Visit.

Grace Miller.

112 Camp Street.

Patient not seen.

Dean found six of these stapled together. They covered a time span of six weeks and they were signed by David Pearson. There was also David's corresponding handwritten reports.

Jan 5th

Grace not at home. Sister Lynne was unaware that Grace had a home appointment. Left an appointment for Jan 12th with Lynne to deliver to Grace.

Jan 12th

Grace not home. Unable to get a reply from 112 Camp Street. Posted appointment through door for Jan 19th

Jan 19th

Sister Lynne apologised for not delivering appointment to Grace. She'd been away on business for 10 days and not seen Grace. Grace visiting opticians today so left appointment with Lynne for Jan 26th.

Jan 26th

Grace not home again. Her sister Rosemary informed me that Grace had a job interview and was due home within the hour. Waited for 90 minutes, on Rosemary's invitation, in the home. Grace didn't return and I had to leave for another appointment. Refer to Dr. Fallon on return to the hospital.

Jan 29th

On Dr. Fallon's advice, called Grace at home on the phone. Grace sounded very happy and very bright and was looking forward to her next home visit on Feb 2nd.

Feb 2nd

No reply from 112 Camp Street. A younger brother spoke to me from inside a greenhouse where he was working. Ben Miller told me his sisters were out and didn't know when they'd return. Referral again to Dr. Fallon.

Feb 5th

Called 112 Camp Street on the phone. Another brother called Mark became quite aggressive and abusive and started to use foul language. He was most insistent that I left his family alone and that he'd take care of them just fine.

"Whoa!" Dean put the files back into the folder. "Weird family." That was the first thing that struck Dean. It was very unusual in this day and age for five adult siblings to be living in the same house. No wonder one of them got stressed out. Marie's signature caught his eye and he pulled out a typed report dated Feb 12th.


Due to concerns raised by Community Psychiatric Nurse David Pearson I arranged a home visit by myself and CPN Pearson. Grace answered the door, much to the relief of us both. Grace looked well, if a little tired. She was dressed casually in jeans and a sweater and was in the middle of cleaning the house.

NOTE: 112 Camp Street is a huge, gothic building, occupying a corner location on Camp Street and Lock Road, but the house itself is completely detached. It consists of a cellar floor. Ground floor contains two sitting rooms, a study, a kitchen and a utility room. First floor holds three bedrooms, a bathroom and a shower room. Second floor contains a further four bedrooms and a W.C. The attic floor has been converted to four rooms that are used for storage. There are also four very sizeable, well maintained gardens and two greenhouses, plus two well-ordered outbuildings. The place is huge. Dave mentioned the size of the house and the sibling's shared responsibility of it's upkeep. Grace told her that she was the only one home right now but the workload was shared amicably. Grace told us that her brothers and sisters all looked after their own rooms and the rest of the chores were shared fairly. Grace seemed very proud to show us around her beautiful home.

The cellar and attic rooms were neat and tidy and organised. Boxes were all clearly labelled, Rosemary's Books, Mark's Bits etc.

Grace's room. Demure, bordering on drab. Natural, beige walls and decor. Single bed, wardrobe, drawers, plain curtained window. Comfortable but practical.

Lynne's room. Largest bedroom in the house. Tasteful blush and pearl walls, double bed, mirrored dresser. Not monstrously extravagant but still quite luxurious compared to Grace's room.

Rosemary's room. As modern as Lynne's is luxurious. Blue decor, steel framed furniture. Wall shelves and wall cupboards rather than wardrobe and dresser. The only room in the house with a computer, plus all the paraphernalia that goes with it.

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