“Dirty old man.” Dean sniffed. “Come on before they lock us in. You parked round the front? I'll walk round with you.”

“Yes. Er ... Dean? I have a question. Well more of a request really.” Tilly squirmed.

“OK. Fire away.” Dean pulled on his jacket.

“Um ... well no, it's OK. I'll sort it.” Tilly muttered quietly.

“What's up? Hey you need something and I can help, I will. You'd do it for me.” Dean shrugged. “Spit it out.”

“It's nothing. I shouldn't have mentioned it.” She said weakly, opening the hospital doors.

“Tilly what is it? I can only say yes or no eh?” Dean smiled.

“Will you come with me to the golf club tomorrow please?” Tilly blurted quickly. Dean almost fell over in surprise. Had she just asked him out?

“Of course I will.” He tried to answer casually. “I couldn't play golf to save my life, but I'm sure I can manage the club.”

“Hell I feel such a nuisance.” Tilly said awkwardly. “I'll explain. I've been asked to meet someone and I don't want to go by myself. I originally thought about Dr. Fallon but I know she has her husband and son to be busy with at home.”

“No worries.” Dean nodded. “Is everything OK? You look incredibly worried here.”

“I am worried, otherwise I wouldn't have been such a pest and asked you to come with me.” Tilly replied nervously. “I'm not in trouble or anything, nothing sinister, I'm just not used to going to clubs and pubs by myself.”

“Not many women do, it's understandable.” Meeting someone? Who? Who? “Even when they are meeting someone.” He managed a bright smile.

“Well I won't be staying in that company long.” Tilly chewed her lip. “No, I can't. Dean it's OK. I shouldn't have mentioned it and it was a liberty.”

“You've lost me.” Dean shrugged. “I honestly don't mind, Tilly. If it's private then I'll go to the club with you until whoever you're meeting shows up, then I'll toddle off and sit at the bar. It's a bloke thing, we can sit on our own at bars.” He grinned, making Tilly smile too.

“I didn't know who to ask. I wouldn't bother you if I wasn't stuck. It's quite important otherwise I wouldn't have gone at all. I don't really know many people outside of work. Sad little geek eh?”

“Nah.” Dean laughed. Fair enough she'd only asked his as a backup because she was desperate but so what? He also got the impression that this was more of an arranged appointment and therefore platonic. He reminded himself on not to ask questions, and that Tilly would think more of him for it.

“So do you want to be excruciatingly embarrassed by accepting a lift in my nasty Fiat? I won't be drinking so I can drive.”

“Ha! Fiat? I'll never fit in a Fiat! I'm six feet two! Knees up to my ears, sounds great.” Dean smirked. “Pick me up out here?” They were standing in the front car park. Dean's fourth floor window overlooked it from the staff accommodation block.

“I will. This is a huge relief, it was bothering me all day. You must think me a right cheeky sow.” Tilly sighed wearily.

“Not at all. I feel quite flattered that you see me as a friend who you can ask. See you tomorrow at work.” Dean watched Tilly get into her tiny car which was almost hidden by two other vehicles. “I need to capitalise on this.” He muttered to himself as he entered the staff block.

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