Chapter 6

“She's not meeting another bloke is she?” Joe asked as they sat in the staff coffee lounge. “You're going to look a right arse if she is.”

“No, no I don't think so. Come on, is she the type of girl to do that? I think not.” Dean rattled his plastic spoon on the table. “I don't know what to do! This is a perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other and I'm scared to say anything incase I push her off. Bah!.” He sighed. “She'll probably know I've been out with a few people here. I want her to know that that was because I could, not because I was looking for anything more.”

“You don't want her to think you're a big tart and she's just one more girl in your chain. Yes?”

“Yes. Big tart.” Dean laughed. “I am not, sod off.”

“Oh you are!” Joe sniffed. “Just take it as it comes Dean. She obviously feels safe and comfortable with you otherwise she'd not have asked you.”

“Like compost?”


“Nothing. So I'm just going to go to the golf club with her, naff off to the bar out of the way, leave the golf club with her, get dropped off here, and that's it.” Dean heaved a sigh.

“Yep and that's a few hours social company that you wouldn't have had a few weeks ago.” Joe pointed out.

“I suppose so. I'll just mope about waiting for her to ask me out again. How useless am I eh?” Dean rolled his eyes.

“Nah. You're handling it perfectly, in my opinion, and very patiently. You dare sod it up and I'll tell the whole hospital you're gay.” Joe told him.

“Wouldn't they be curious to know how you know? Keeping in mind that I share rooms with you.” Dean sniggered. “So! Can I borrow those black Falmer trousers from you. Fluffkins?”

“Fluffkins! Can you hell.” Joe snorted.

“Oh go on! You can't get in the golf club in jeans!” Dean wailed. “Please Poppet? Pretty please? I'll do your ironing.”

“Oh OK, as long as you do the ironing in your boxer shorts.” Joe smirked, stood up and walked straight into Dr. Fallon. “Ah.”

“Oh don't mind me boys.” Marie waved her hand and sat down. “Boxer shorts eh?”

“I'm going to physio.” Joe said aloofly. “Dean, I don't like you.” He disappeared though the doors.

“Marie?” Dean made sure the room was empty apart from the two of them. “About the case study.”

“No chance.” Marie said flatly.

“No I'm not fishing. I'm up to the second hospital admission. It has me reeling, Marie. I just wanted to say that however you handled it, you did so brilliantly. Jesus, I'd have been cabbaged.” Dean said truthfully. “Maybe I'm not supposed to ask but was Dave Pearson OK after it? He seemed pretty freaked out.”

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