“Yes, I understand.” Grace sighed and stood up. “OK I'll unpack my fucking bag.” Grace smirked at Marie and Marie burst out laughing. Despite the laughter Marie was delighted with memory retention and Grace's progression so she could now refer to it in this manner.

Dean laughed too. Marie and Grace had a very good doctor/patient relationship, that was obvious. It was quite fascinating how some people, like Grace, never 'clicked' with anyone except a certain person, Marie. Tilly was very similar with the trust and friendship she had with Dean. It was a very rare and a very special occurrence. Tilly and Dean had no apparent, common ground. No shared interests, friends, tastes. It was just like a spark that darted between the two of them without a tangible trigger.

Case Notes. GRACE MILLER. (aka ... Hello there Ben!!)

An altercation broke out outside the bathrooms and Dave went to investigate. He found Grace with Rodney Sharp pinned against the wall by his T-shirt.

“Grace! Good grief!” Dave hurried towards the scene.

“She's fine Dave, mate.” Dave skidded into the wall. “Just wait until our Mark gets wind of this!” Dave blinked a few times before his brain accepted that this was Ben.

“What happened? Let go of Rodney, I think you're hurting him, Grace.”

“Grace wouldn't hurt a fly!” Rodney was dropped to the floor. “Beat it, perv boy.”

“P ... perv?” Dave couldn't have stopped the unprofessional smirk if his job had depended on it.

“He touched my arse! The bloody homo!”

“I ... I think we should go somewhere quieter.” Dave dragged Grace into the television room. “OK, what happened?”

“I was taking a shower.”

“In the men's bathroom.” Dave nodded as the penny dropped.

“No, out in the carpark.” Grace/Ben said sarcastically. “'Course in the men's bathroom! Where else am I supposed to go? Batty boy there wanders in, which was no biggie.” Shoulder shrug. “Then next I know he grabbed my arse and asked me for a quickie! I'll break his bloody nose if I catch up with him again!” Marie arrived at that moment and hid, very unprofessionally, round the corner until she'd stopped laughing. The 'pervy' thing was quite serious, not encouraged at all, and she fully intended to speak with Rodney regarding it, but this teenage outburst coming from Grace's physical self was undeniably comical. So was Dave's face.

“I'll have a word with Rodney, don't worry.” Dave said seriously. “Try and remember though, he's ill too.”

“He will be if he grabs my arse again.”

“I'll sort that out. Trust me on that one. OK? Leave it to me.”

“'Pose so.” Attitude mood to the fore.

“Calm down a bit.”

“'K.” Moodier.

“You were in the wrong corridor, Grace. You do know this. Try and think about it. What were you doing before you decided to take a shower?” Something had called for Grace's juvenile, carefree side and Ben had taken over.

“Shit.” Grace rubbed her eyes. “Bored, bored, bored. I thought I'd been asleep. I know I haven't. I'm bored.” Grace was fully in charge again.

“It happens a lot in here.” Dave looked hugely relieved. “You're intelligent and imaginative enough to deal with that, Grace, just like you do with everything else. Can you still feel the bit that's yelling 'bored!' at you?” Grace nodded. She could still feel 'Ben'. “And you know that's you?”

“Yes, I know that's me.” Grace sighed. “I stuffed up.”

“No, not at all. Boredom is a good sign actually. It means you're getting better, believe it or not.” Dave smiled.

“Um ... I'll go with the 'not'”

“Are you sulking?”

“Nah.” Grace sniffed in a typical angsty teen way, but it was Grace's sniff, completely Grace. “Can I put my telly on?”

“Yep. Help yourself.” Dave stood up. “Er ... bathrooms, Grace?”

“The one in the other corridor, I know.” Grace waved her hand around. “MTV is so shite. Hey! What about randy Rodders? So I was in the wrong bathroom but he was still out of order.”

“I'll sort that out, like I promised.” Dave and Marie left Grace to her rock channel. “How unfair is that?” Dave said once they were out of earshot. “I'm the one with no kids of my own so how come I get the 'tudenal teen? Unfair!”

Dean noticed again, that Marie and Dave were getting drug-free results here. Obviously Grace was still on medication but no 'extras' were being used to deal with theses breakthroughs. They both should have, and probably were, extremely proud of themselves, as well as Grace.

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