"I think you'll find my idea a sound basis at the very least, Mr Adams." Brian blanked Rowan. "A positive contribution, no matter how small, is always better than none at all." He used one of Adams' own 'power quotes' and Rowan sat and seethed.

"Instead of changing the environment, we change the environment." Adams got as close to a smile as he ever got and no one had the spine to tell him that his latest sentence in 'git-speak' made absolutely no sense at all. "You see, the Prison environment is alluring to the public. All Institutions that are 'behind closed doors' are. We established that at the conception of Prison Life. That coupled with the enduring fascination the people have with criminals is a winning combination. The overall ratings for this type of Show is very high, in general. Reality TV has the monopoly on viewers, and Shows involving an institute of some sort are the most popular, by far." Adams frowned and the whole Board held their breath and didn't dare take their eyes off him. No matter how arrogant and fearsome Patrick Adams' reputation was, his expertise and 'sixth sense' in the world of mass entertainment was quite legendary. "We need an edge, ladies and gentlemen. We need a break from the now commonplace mainstream, while still preserving the concepts that are responsible for their success." Slight nods and a few murmurs of agreement rippled around the office. "Interaction." Adams mused and Rowan hoped her annoyed grunt wasn't too audible.

"Massive." Brian commented smugly.

"Two way interaction is out of the question, as Miss Hall illustrated."

"Massive." Rowan muttered childishly and she swore she saw Brian's lip tremble.

"One way interaction, however, would not have an effect on the subjects. Involvement by the public to determine what theywant to see." Adams sat forward.

"Wouldn't that involve pre-set options to cater for whatever type of situation they voted for?" Rowan asked.

"You misunderstand me, Miss Hall." Adams narrowed his eyes at Rowan. "The public decides what happens within the live situation."

"Sir." Rowan had to go over the boss' statement a few times to digest it. "I think the risks of repercussions should be taken into consideration. The Human Rights groups made noises for mere observation."

"Have you ever watched the news, Miss Hall, and heard an absurdly light sentence being passed on a loathsome criminal? I'm sure you have. I'm also sure you'll have entertained alternative scenarios for such people."

"Sir we aren't the judicial system!" Rowan said in shock. Her colleagues were all looking at their hands, knees, the table. Surely they saw the drawbacks of this idea? "Of course I've despaired at ridiculous sentences but a heat of the moment, vicious outcry can't be termed as justice. Good grief there's be no one left alive in F1 alone!"

"Oh Miss Hall, really!" Adams sighed heavily. "I wasn't thinking of a phone- in-execution poll. It's the people in our prison system that drain our resources. Your resources, Miss Hall. They're housed, fed, and clothed by you and by the public out there." He pointed towards to window. "Those people who work and pay for means to enjoy their leisure time, deserve to have something in return. The opportunity to observe human behaviour in circumstances that they choose could almost be classed as a right. The right to learn." Adams lectured. "It'll be huge."

"Sir that would involve the co-operation and collaboration of so many other bodies." Rowan objected. "The prison staff for a start. They'd have to bring about the public's wishes. Are they legally allowed to? Would we need legal advice and maybe legal representation? Who would liaise between the public, the producers, and the prisoners? Sir you can't run a Game Show using human pawns, no matter how they've behaved in the past."

"Are you finished?" Patrick Adams' jaw was set tight and his temples were flushed red. Rowan nodded and accepted the fact that she'd be out of a job quite soon. "Now we're past the hysterics," He glared at Rowan. "We'll backstep until beforethe meeting went awry and veered from a concept, an idea, to speculative assumptions." He paused for effect, that effect being ever other member of the Board Of Directors glaring reproachfully at Rowan. "The idea of public participation is a popular one, it's been proven in many other areas of mass entertainment. We at Real TV need to devise a way to incorporate the elements that are popular, in a non-intrusive, non-damaging way. Finding a balance and addressing any potential unrest with such groups as the Human Rights, obviously needs a tactful and level headed approach. I cannot afford panic-fuelled sparks in my staff." Dismissal for Rowan Hall.

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