"Maybe I don't want to skive, Brian. I remember this job when it was actually interesting and rewarding." Rowan said shortly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be snapping at you. I'm just a bit fed up with trying to do something with the amateur dramatics society on there." She nodded at the dvd player again. "Has governor Stevens always looked like Leslie Neilson?"

"The man's a ham." Brian sniffed. "This branch off show could work, you know Rowan. With it being a 'mobile' show, then no one but the camera crews can know for certain if it's being broadcast. That'll remove the staging behaviour of the subjects. If this pilot works, then we'll be spearheading a whole new area."

"And if it doesn't then no 'big names' have been lost." Rowan added and Brian just shrugged. "Is that my incentive to give it my all?" Another shrug. "Standard concealed cams, right?" Rowan sighed and reached for her laptop on which she'd watch the whole back-of-the-van show.

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