Chapter 3

Stewart, Alan and Terry were lead towards a drab looking stationary caravan in the middle of a clump of trees.

"I don't like the look of this." Alan whispered to Stewart. "Bathroom break my arse. I've passed a hundred trees I could have taken a leak behind. Stewart we're going to have to tackle them before we get to that hut."

"We need to keep him out of the way." Stewart whispered back, nodding towards Terry. "Crash tackle him when you see me jump. OK?" Alan nodded. "OK. One, two ... shit!" Six men came out of the caravan and looked as un-terrorist as Stewart did. In fact, two of them were as un-terrorist as Stewart was. "Chief Superintendent McManus?" Stewart blinked at his superior officer in utter shock. The two gunmen ambled into the caravan and just left them standing there. "What the shit is going on?"

"Brian?" Terry squinted at one of the other men. "Brian, what are you doing here? What is all this?" Brian Charlton had a smile like a denture advert. "This way please!" He chirped and sprang back into the caravan. The interior was a maze of circuits and monitors. Two technicians were overseeing it all and they pushed back their chairs when the other men crowded out the caravan. "Jenkinson!" Alan shouted when he saw the familiar figure on one of the screens. "Where the hell is he? He's escaped, Stewart, look at the van."

"He's just booted the doors off their hinges!" Brian Charlton laughed. "Oh this is priceless! Priceless!"

"This is a set up?" Stewart said in utter disbelief. "Those gun=wielding arseholes ..."

"Sergeants Bruce and Telford." The Chief Superintendent nodded. "Oh the guns are fake."

"Sir ... sir ... sir I don't care!" Stewart erupted. "They were real enough to me! And to Alan, and that techie over there." Terry had fainted and was now slumped on a chair. "The girl! Sir, where's the girl?"

"Rowan Hall? Still in the van." The Super nodded towards the screen. "She has no idea of all this, the same as Jenkinson."

"So you set it up for her to be stranded with him?" Alan exploded. "I know he's not a criminal type criminal, but for God's sake! Where the hell are they?"

"I didn't set it up." The Super laughed. "Obviously I needed to be informed but the credit goes to Mr. Charlton."

"Credit?" Stewart gaped. "Sir those two young people were, and probably still are, terrified! Sir you have to stop this. This cannot go out to the public, it's inhumane!"

"It's been looked into quite thoroughly." Brian chipped in. "They're both perfectly safe and it won't affect Jenkinson's trial at all. It's all been taken care of."

"I wasn't asking you." Stewart snarled.

"Perhaps you'd like to verify it with the Chairman? Although you'll have to wait, he's due on air quite soon. Another crowd puller! Patrick Adams himself making an appearance to host one of his own shows. This will be huge! I'd like to thank all of you for making all this work." Brian smiled happily.

"Where are they? For the millionth time!" Alan bellowed.

"Slateskill." Brian nodded, and adjusted a few dials.

"Did he say Slateskill?" Alan blinked at Stewart. "The old maximum security prison?" Brian nodded. "It's been condemed for ten years! Sir, Stewart's right, you have to stop this. The place isn't safe!"

"As I said, it's been taken care of." Brian said evenly. "There are only certain areas they can go. OK? The rest has been secured off. We've had engineers, technicians, and builders in there for over two months."

"I don't believe this." Stewart shook his head in shock. "I don't believe I helped in it either. Sir didn't it occur to you that my wife will be almost hysterical by now?"

"Oh no worries. I had the front desk call her. She thinks you're working a double shift. You are, come to think of it." The Super laughed and Stewart was livid.

"I'm going home." He growled. "With respect, sir, you had no right phoning my house and lying to my wife. I need a car and I'll drive myself, Alan, and the young technician home, away from this lunacy."

"Problem there." The Super mused. "The cars won't be returning for us for a while. We had to send them back incase they were spotted from the road."

"So we're all stuck here with this ... shit?" Stewart pointed to the screen.

"Actually, we are the shit for a while." Brian smiled and nodded to a tiny lense above a window frame. "Does your wife tune in?"

"Mention my wife again and I'll ..."

"Oh not on camera, surely!" Brian giggled like a girl. Stewart stormed from the caravan, slamming the door behind him. Alan just looked at everyone in complete and utter disbelief. He helped Terry from the chair and opened the door for him, then left without saying a word.

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