Chapter 4

"I can't stand this." Stewart stood up for the millionth time. They'd more or less been ordered back into the caravan by Chief Superintendent McManus for 'security reasons'. Stewart had made Brian turn up the volume so he could hear Jenkinson speaking after Rowan had just beat him up in the corridor. He'd read all Jason's statements before, obviously, but hearing him recounting it to Rowan, in what he assumed was privacy, and with so much sadness in his voice, drilled it in even further that this was all wrong!"Those two people are terrified beyond comprehension in there! "How can you justify doing that to someone?" He demanded of Brian, who was setting the remote audio effects to standby. "I'm talking to you, you arsehole!"

"Sit down, Stewart." The Super glared horribly at him. "I know you have a soft spot for Jenkinson but I really don't know why you're in such a panic. This is going out to millions! His little monologue there could very well work to his advantage."

"That isn't a court room!" Alan exclaimed, before Stewart could. "What's all that bull about observing natural reflexes? There's sod all natural in terrorising a response from a couple of trapped victims!"

"I'd be careful of your use of that word." Brian helped himself to coffee from a flask. "Wouldn't you agree, Superintendent?"

"You're seriously pissing me off, pal." Alan snarled at Brian.

"OK enough!" The Super raised is voice. "Whether you like it or not, that is all above board. It's been researched, checked, and checked again."

"It's kidnapping and imprisonment!" Stewart said in utter disbelief.

"Not technically true." The Super said calmly. "The entire chain of events has, and still is, being witnessed by millions of people including relevant authorities."

"And do these millions of people realise the gravity of the circumstances behind it all? Do they appreciate the terror of having some shit point a gun in there face? Do they actually realise that those two people aren't acting? They aren't on a television set and that is real!" Stewart pointed at the screen. "It's all very well for that hair-gelled ponce to stand there in his 700 quid suit and tell the world the score but how much serious weight does that carry coming from a man recognised worldwide for entertainment? What would you do if you went through all that, then found out later that it was all for TV Show?"

"Ridiculous comparison. I'm the Chief of Police." The Super laughed. "You don't think they'd actually use anyone important do you?" Brian laughed too and Alan had to physically restrain Stewart.

"Please don't distress yourselves!" Brian said patronisingly. "Rowan Hall is a noted hard case, for a start. She'll do just fine, don't concern yourself with that. She's also a loner and has no family so that was taken into consideration too. No outraged spouses or anything growling about law suits. Jenkinson's ... well he's Jenkinson." Brian shrugged. "Patrick is thrilled! He's a very intelligent man and to be able to display that to a live audience shows a talent not often seen by the public."

"He's a jackass." Alan said sharply. "The only reason he appears intelligent is because the collective IQ of that audience is only in double figures. Selected that way, I've been lead to believe."

"You were lead falsely." Brian snapped, verifying Alan's statement totally.

"So when does it end?" Stewart asked. "How does it end?"

"It's Real TV." Brian nodded. "There are no plots or scenarios. Mr. Adams and the board have a sense to these things. When the public interest wanes, then we wind down too."

"You've just said they're tuning in by the thousand." Stewart said. "Suppose this contrived public interest goes on for months?"

"You should really leave the production details to us. You're a policeman, not a company executive." Brian said arrogantly. "The 'natural death' method is only one way of bringing about the closure of this show. They could escape." He shrugged. "That would be preferable, actually. That way we get to film the responses and the retrospective thoughts of the subjects."

"You're off your stack pal." Alan barked. "You wouldn't want to see my responses, I can promise you that, and I'm a law officer. She has the brains to have a go at you lot professionally and he'll just rip your spleen out."

"There will be no adverse repercussions, I can assure you! Why won't you believe me? I told you it had been looked into thoroughly and it has." Brian sighed.

"You think you're untouchable, you mean? You really think Mr Plastic on there has enough padding for that?"

"With the public support he has because of this, he won't even have to unpack his own padding." Brian sniffed.

"Well I suggest you grab a few bags=full of it because if the shit hits the fan he's going to write your name all over it in three foot letters." Stewart stated. "It was only two months ago that Rowan Hall was a household name because of Prison Life, alongside the God-like presence of Sir Patrick Adams. He dropped it like a bag of shite once it started losing out. You're right, I'm only a policeman, but I'll bet my bollocks he lumbered the lot of it with her then decided to cut the dead wood. That crap on there is the result." He said in disgust, pointing at the screen again. "She was where you are now and you still can't see that you aren't indispensable. As for Jenkinson, well no bugger uses him for a mug. The Super was right, this might ... no it definitely will work to his advantage. Open your eyes, mate, or even ask the Super here, your Mr. Adams has a very serious contender in the charisma stakes and Jenkinson has his youth, his looks, and his realness in is favour. Public support? My arse! You have no idea how the real public thinks."

"I have years of experience that would argue that point for me." Brian twittered.

"And I have a real family who watch this tripe and gossip about it afterwards." Stewart wasn't backing down one bit. "I can just picture the missus sitting watching this, I can almost guarantee what she's saying. Young superhero type stranded alone with a five foot one girly girl hanging off his arm. You created those heroes and I hope they come back and make you eat every single recording that's ever come out of Real TV."

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