"Rowan I need to go take a leak." Jason lied. He could hear a scraping noise from the floor above and he fully intended to beat the cause of it to a pulp with his metal lintel. "Rowan? You hear?"

"Yes." Rowan whispered. "Don't leave me."

"I won't, Princess, I won't. OK I'll let go of your fingers for a few minutes. I've only got one hand remember and I need it to hold..."

"Yes OK Jason. I get the picture." Rowan muttered, let going of Jason's hand. Jason crept along the wall under the overhang of the ceiling hole, clutching the rusted metal rod. First he saw flashlight beams, then he saw big black boots. Official type boots. Boots he'd last seen like that on an arsehole poking a gun in his face. Jason tried to control his rage as the boots, and the legs, began slowly descending into the cellar floor a mere ten feet from him. As soon as sole hit rubble, Jason swung the bar up and over his tormentor's head, stifling an agonised yell as he caught the other end with his damaged hand.

"Right you fucker!" He snarled softly, walking back into the shadows with the struggling man. "What's behind that wall and how can I get there?" The man grabbed at the bar and kicked his feet uselessly. "Trust me pal, I'll cave your frigging head in and not think twice about it. My girl is suffocating behind there. Can I get to it from the other side?" The man nodded furiously, then delved into his pocket. Jason went to knee him in the back and his injured leg gave way, sending them both sprawling to the ground. Injury or not, Jason still got to his feet quicker than the half throttled man.

"Jenkinson." He wheezed. "It's Terry. Jesus. Terry! I was in the van with you." Terry coughed and spluttered and tugged at his shirt collar.

"The techie? The techie! Thank shit for that! Rowan's dying, Terry. She's behind that wall trapped in rubble. We have ..."

"It's OK, mate. I know where Rowan is, so do the coppers." Terry propped himself up against the wall and Jason lunged back to Rowan's wall.

"Rowan! Rowan the police are here! They've come for us. Rowan? Rowan can you hear me?" He listened and could hear distant voices and falling bricks. They were digging through the rubble but not fast enough. "Rowan! Rowan wake up, please!" Jason yelled hysterically. "Help me up through there." He spun round to face Terry. "What's that?" Terry has some sort of wires in his hand and Jason saw a tiny, marble sized lens at the end of one of them. "You have got to be shitting me?" He blinked in disbelief. "You're filming me? I'll fucking kill you!"

"No!" Terry flinched. "This isn't mine, Jason, for shite's sake! It's a bevelled embedding cam."

"I couldn't give a shit what it is. Why is it in your hand?" Jason snarled.

"Because I've just taken it out of that ceiling." Terry flinched again, just incase. "Please, Jason, it had absolutely nothing to do with me, Rowan, or those coppers, I swear on my life. I'll explain the whole warped shit up thing from start to finish, I promise you. I've been dismantling these as I've come across them here and I dare say I'll be as unemployed as Rowan is by now."

"No worries, the electrics company needs a techie too. Come on."

Stewart, Alan, Derek, two more officers called Cauley and Andrews, and even the Chief were in shirtsleeves, levering stone and rubble from the top of the mountain that used to be the washroom floor. Reinforcement emergency services were wailing into the area and manpower from the volunteer specials was also on it's way.

"Jesus wept." Stewart cursed. "No one could survive this. There's too much of it."

"Stewart! Help me prise this beam out of the way." Alan shouted. "The rubble's falling under it, Stewart, there's a gap." The two officers strained at the beam with metal girders and it began to shift. The Super scrambled over and knelt down by the girder.

"No chance, sir. You're bigger than I am." Cauley nodded. "And I'll not fit through there either."

"I will." Jason came limping over with Terry. "Yes I'm fine, yes I'm pissed off with absolutely everyone and yes I know the score. Piss off out of my face." He elbowed the Chief Superintendent out of the way as Stewart and Alan strained to keep the girder raised.

"Don't be a tool, Jenkinson." Stewart puffed. "You're bigger than everybugger, you knobhead. OK Alan lower it."

"Lower it? She's suffocating you dick!" Jason snapped. "Don't block the bloody hole! Here, I'll see if I can lift it with you."

"Not with those injuries." Terry dropped to his backside and wriggled quite easily into the gap.

"Anyone calls him a geeky nerd ever again and I'll batter them." Jason said seriously.

"Well actually that was you, Jenkinson." Alan panted.

"Don't think so." Jason said stubbornly.

"She's breathing." Terry shouted through the gap. "She's unconscious and her legs are trapped under loose stones. I'm clearing them off her now!"

"Good job Tez!" Jason shouted back. "Quick as you can, mate. Shit hurry up." He added rubbing his eyes."

"Ambulances are on their way, Jenkinson." The Super told Jason.

"If I wasn't so worried about her, I'd make sure you needed it more than me." Jason said flatly. "Don't say a thing. Just ... just don't. OK? Piss off."

"I'm such a frigging wreckling!" Terry wailed from within the pile of rubble. "She's free, but I can't lift ... shit! No! Ouch! No! It's ..."

"You shit!" Rowan screeched and Jason started to laugh in overwhelming relief. "You slimy arsehole! I'll tear your frigging innards out!"

"Jenkinson! Do something!" Alan strained under the weight of the girder.

"Oi! Frodo! Get off him, you bloody thug." Jason shouted.


"It's me! You're mental!"

"Who's me?"

"I'll tell you if you put that sodding brick down!"

"Terry! Terry!" Rowan sobbed. "Jason's through there Terry, he's injured."

"So who's this out here calling you Frodo? Get out here woman." Jason shouted. Rowan stood all over poor Terry as she scrambled through the gap.

Slateskill Wing Four was soon dazzled by multicoloured flashing lights. Rowan and Jason sat on the floor against a wall in complete exhaustion. They'd both now heard exactly what had happened to them and Rowan was too stunned to be angry, or even to react at all. She stared at the box of embedded cams on the floor at Terry's feet and just blinked.

"Arseholes." Terry sighed. "Unbelievable. It must have taken months to rig this place up."

"The months I was kept out of the way flogging Prison Life, yes." Rowan nodded and looked at Jason. "Jason those ceiling cameras will have been running constantly. All the time. Even down there in the cellar."

"I know." Jason exhaled loudly. "Terry told me. Apparently it was all quite discrete, artistic, even." He nodded. "So the entire country knows I have a mole on my arse?"

"Well actually they didn't. The ceiling was in the way." Terry knelt down infront of the couple. "However, if you look just to the left of the fourth ceiling panel on the fourth row from the door, you'll discover that they do now. It has to be the last cam Rowan and it's still active."

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