Chapter 12

Jasper sat in the only public building he knew. Wesker's Cafe. He sincerely hoped he didn't look as bowel-wrenchingly nervous as he actually felt. He was terrified. He'd gambled on the police force's interaction with Underground being swifter than the 'bad lot'. All he could do was wait and hope his gamble would pay off.

"Jasper Hellion?" Jasper almost collapsed at the sound of the rough voice next to him and had to grip the edge of the table for support. "Don't panic, we're the good guys. In fact I'm the good Guy. Guy Frejak." Jasper just nodded, not trusting his own voice just yet. "I have something for you. I swear I'm not here to hurt you. I wouldn't bloody dare." Guy took the gold cuff from his pocket and put it on the table. Jasper felt light headed and close to passing out. "Steady on! Shit what is it with everyone today?" Guy supported Jasper so he wouldn't sway off the chair. "I hope you trust me now. I was told you would after seeing that cuff."

"Wh ... where did you get it?" Jasper felt himself shaking.

"The owner of it gave it to me, forty minutes ago." Guy said and Jasper couldn't contain the tears any longer. He closed his eyes and every single memory and every single detail flooded through his mind. "I'm just the messenger so I'm not sure what the deal is here. Take your time boss." Guy nodded.

"Tell me, does this cuff belong to Andrew Jasper?" Jasper wiped his streaming eyes.

"You know him don't you? I mean you know him." Guy nodded and Jasper sobbed and laughed at the same time. "Well bugger me silly. I take it Andrew's probably changed quite a bit since you saw him last?"

"Without a doubt." Jasper swallowed back another wave of tears. "It's miraculous. It's absolutely incredible. I can't explain how overawed I am here." He turned the cuff over in his hands.

"He was Andrew through and through for three months before he confided in me. Shit I have never been so astonished in my whole life. I don't know alot about his past, just that he was in service in Brightplain and loved it there. You I presume?" Guy nodded.

"My family, yes. I'm sure the pieces are falling into place for you." Jasper smiled. "I thought he'd died at The Farm. This is a huge system shock for me."

"I'd say so. Nah! Andrew dying in some shitty prison? Pfft! I'm sure he'll tell you about it himself though. You ready?" Guy asked.

"Probably not." Jasper took a deep breath. "Guy? I'm sure you've gathered that I love ... er ... Andrew very much and you look like my brother Taybor when you smirk. Not funny. I was told, three years ago that she ... he'd never stopped loving me. I'm babbling. Sorry."

"Well he's a pretty private person, he has to be, so he doesn't often open up much about his personal feelings. There's been no one else, if that's what you mean. How could there be eh?" Guy chattered as they left the cafe. "For one thing he's the boss and for another thing he's a he. I'm not bigoted or anything but I think we'd all have noticed if Andrew had a man! Hell's delight!" That made Jasper laugh. Guy would get on very well with Taybor. "Just wait until I see him. How about not telling his right-hand man he had a fancyman in Brightplain!"

"Gah! I can't keep using 'he'!" Jasper cringed as Guy opened the doors to the cinema. "Shit I'm as nervous as hell, Guy. Ten years is a long time and I thought she was dead for three of them."

"You've gone grey Lord Jasper." Andrew said from an office door.

"D ... Drea?" Jasper blinked. " Oh my Drea." The tears flowed from both sides. "What have you done to yourself? You look like a teenage boy!" Jasper felt like he was dreaming. His Drea! After ten years!

"Yep! I'm supposed to." Drea laughed. "Guy! Stop smirking like a big sap and make sure no one whatsoever comes into my back rooms. Got that?"

"I bet he didn't bark orders out like that when you knew him." Guy rolled his eyes. "Go on, bugger off the pair of you. Umm no, not bugger off. Clear off."

"Guy!" Jasper squeaked in horror and Drea sniggered. "O ... OK so I've alot to catch up on. No need for vulgarities." He sniffed and Drea laughed. He was still her Lord Jasper, even after all this time.

Hours passed by. Stories were told. Tears were shed and laughter was shared.

"I can't believe I've found you." Jasper shook his head in amazement. "Especially by such flimsy threads."

"I can't believe I've been in your memories like that for all those years." Drea sighed. "I'd resigned myself to your marriage and family."

"I couldn't resign myself to your marriage and family even though I knew nothing of it at the time. I hoped and prayed you were happy and safe. You weren't. Resigning myself to your death just wasn't going to happen. It was killing me." Jasper smiled at Drea. Khaki pants, baggy grey vest, oversized soldiers jacket, big black boots and a bandana. The last time he'd seen her she was wearing red satin pants, a gold threaded tunic and a jewelled cap. "I can't get over what you look like. It's brilliant!" He started to laugh. "I can't believe what I'm seeing! My Drea is Andrew Jasper. He's the most well known man in Brightplain and Demihold and he's my Drea."

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