Chapter 17

Herb moaned on about his cape being in the Drisep family for generations so Spider tied him up in it, then marched off into Hal's sleeping room. She emerged five minutes later wearing one of Hal's vests and restructured Reptile shorts. Raze and Spider were given Conrad's diaries to read and Hal glared at the others to stay quiet.

"Craddock's Crack. Is all this true?" Raze asked in a daze.

"Well of course it is!" Hal pointed at Spider. "You don't want to see what they've done to your house, Spider. Er ... maybe we shouldn't call you that anymore. It wasn't given in very good faith. Lady Shadowfall."

"No. I'm Spider." Spider whispered. "I remember bits of it, I think. I remember my father, the rotten old turd."

"Definitely Spider." Raze smiled. "Do you still have all your spells?"

"Buggered if I know." Spider shrugged. "I'll deal with all that as I remember. I want to remember Conrad. He was my brother."

"You'll get there, Spider." Raze told her. "I'm sure Herb will help you, he's been here for ages."

"We could go and threaten the Elders." Herb said ponderously. "I have a bread knife."

"Maybe not, Herb. Thanks." Raze edged away from Drisep.

"Why? It was the old sods back in the day that confiscated all the documents from everywhere. They made off with everything related to Shadowfall and their heretic girlie Mage. That's violating folks' freedom of information." Herb spouted.

"But that wasn't this lot." Raze pointed out.

"Those books and that will be stashed in that University, you mark my words. The old crusts wouldn't destroy important stuff, and Lady Spider is very important. If you don't mind me saying, Miss. I'll get the PAPs on to it."

"Not at all." Spider said graciously. "So Raze! Nut oil and chamois?"

"Spider! Behave yourself." Raze glanced at his smirking students.

"Why? You love me don't you? I heard you."

"I was ... distraught!"

"Oh yah yah yah." Spider wafted her hand at Raze.

"I was! Not any wonder either having to put up with you." Raze folded his arms. Hal got to his feet and nodded the kids and Drisep towards the door.

"You just don't like being told when you're wrong."

Hal, Herb and the students made their way to the University. Hal made sure they were all in their rooms then went to stand in the training yard with Herb to watch the sun come up.

"Going to be a sunny one." Herb observed.

"Not a cloud in sight. Bed time, I think."

"I prefer my own bed and aunt Bernard's comfort blankie." Herb ambled off and Hal hadn't the energy to ask how he had an aunt called Bernard.

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