Chapter 11

“Where's that packing crate?” Jack shouted from his 'sort of' new study at Hallow Break House.

“Can we narrow it down a bit?” Mrs Wilson said in exasperation from the kitchen. “Good grief. He's only been here ten months. Or is it eleven?” She muttered to Ziggy, who laughed.

“Twelve next week.” Ziggy nodded.

“Really? So How is he still unpacking?”

“It's a Jack thing.”

“Ziggy!” Alex came haring into the kitchen. “Troy just said Boo to me!”

“Did he now?” Ziggy smiled. “So dad's big mouth woke him up eh?” Ziggy followed Alex into the sitting room. Troy O'Connor lay gurgling in his pram. “So he said Boo?” Alex nodded and let his two month old baby brother grasp his finger. Troy gurgled again.

“See? Hear him?” Alex said in delight.

“Whoa! Yes I did! So he spoke to his big brother before he spoke to me and dad? That's awesome.” Ziggy laughed.

“He said something else too.” Alex told Ziggy as she lifted her son from his pram to feed him. “But it's a secret.” Troy babbled on cue. “Oh OK Troy.” Alex nodded seriously. “Troy said it was OK to tell you, Ziggy.”

“Sounds good!” Ziggy smiled and nodded. “What did he say?”

“He said it would be better if you were called O'Connor like the rest of us.” Alex nodded maturely.

“Ah I see.” Ziggy looked up to where Jack was rummaging under the table. “Does dad know?”

“Um ...” Alex had to think about this. “I think Troy told dad first.”

“I see. So dad told you and said Troy told him?” Ziggy tried not to laugh. “Proposal by proxy. Hey Jack! Will you marry me?”

“Hmm? Maybe later sweetheart.” Jack said absently and began rifling through a drawer. “Bloody hell where's my external drive?”

“Top shelf of the wall cupboard.” Ziggy juggled Troy over to the other tap.

“Ah! Thanks Zig ... what did you say?”

“Top shelf.”

“No, before that.”

“Oh that. Nothing. Ask the kids.” Ziggy winked at Alex and Alex winked at Troy.


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