Chapter 7

“Hey Slogger!” Jack held out his arms as Alex walked into the kitchen the following day. “Sleep well?”

“All night!” Alex ran to his dad. “And I don't feel wobbly at all, much.”

“Great! Wobbly enough for a day off school though, right?” Jack smiled and began getting breakfast.

“Oh yes. I'm too wobbly for school.” Alex said pathetically. “What's that up there?” He changed the subject and pointed to a row of glass jars full of salt. Three jars containing the earring, the stone from Mr Crawley, and the grey bound photograph and mirror.

“Ziggy's stuff. She's collecting them later.” She'd asked for them to be left undisturbed for a few hours before she took them away.

“Did you tell her I feel better?”

“I certainly did. She'll see for herself later. She's coming for lunch, if that's OK with you?” Jack sat down at the table with his son.

“As long as you don't make it. You'll show us all up. Let Mrs Wilson do it.”

“Good idea.” Jack laughed. “You are OK with Ziggy, aren't you Alex? You're not worried like you were last night?”

“No. I wasn't really worried, dad, just checking. Ziggy's way cool.”

“She is. Anyway I'm going to catch up on some work so you can go and find a DVD to watch. Mrs Wilson will be here in half an hour.”

Jack spent a good two hours getting through a backlog of work he'd accumulated and was feeling very pleased with the world in general. Even the phone ringing only caused a mild apprehension attack.

“Jack O'Connor.”

“Jack, it's Robert.” Jack almost dropped the phone and felt his mood tightening. A call from Lynne's dad wasn't really what he wanted right now. Having said that, he'd avoided this for far too long and he knew it. “I hope you've settled in OK?” Mr Reynolds asked formally.

“Yes, Robert, thanks. We've settled in great.”

“I presume you've had no letters regarding Joan and myself?” Here we go.

“I haven't, no.” Jack said warily.

“We've placed an official court order regarding access to see Alex.” Robert said quickly.

“You're taking me to court?!” Jack exploded.

“It's just to have it clarified sensibly, Jack, to give it a bit of structure.” Robert said firmly.

“Robert, I don't have time to turn up at bloody court hearings!” Jack snapped.

“We were getting nowhere! We've asked and better asked to see Alex and nothing ever came of it.” Robert argued and Jack couldn't really argue back.

“I ... I know Robert. I know. I know it was my fault too. I just didn't know what to do, I've told you all that.”

“Well you don't have to now. We've done it for you.” Robert said shortly.

“Robert this won't go well with Alex. It'll look like we're battling over him. Please let me talk to him first? He's old enough now to understand a bit more. I'd actually decided to talk to him about it a few days ago, Robert. I've just had a lot on the go.” Jack exhaled loudly.

“Jack, you always have a lot on the go.” Robert stated. “We've been kept from our grandson for seven years.”

“Yes, yes I know.” Jack said patiently. “The last twelve months were purely a continuation from what Lynne started. I've honestly no idea why she reacted so strongly Robert, but she was my wife, Alex's mum. Please let me talk to him first. We don't need legal intervention, Robert.”

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